Customer Success Story: Multinational Technology Company Provides Better CX with Conversational AI

Customer Story | 5.1 MB

A global company had an IVR system that didn’t live up to its high-tech reputation. Struggling to understand customer requests, the system misrouted 60 percent of tech support calls to the wrong agent, tying up contact center resources and frustrating customers. The company tapped CSG to provide a new platform, CSG Conversational AI, that engaged customers with personalized conversations in natural language. The difference was vast—and immediate.

In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • What makes conversational AI more intuitive and helpful than chatbots widely used in IVRs today
  • How CSG Conversational AI integrates with the company’s back-end systems to create personalized conversations
  • How the AI platform is shrinking the company’s contact center costs while boosting customer satisfaction