The State of the Customer Experience 2023

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CX is at the intersection of growing digital complexity and the demand for simple, secure interactions. 

As momentum behind emerging technology continues, with strides in artificial intelligence and the metaverse, businesses are ready to embrace an org-wide strategy, cutting-edge technology, and human interaction in equal measure. In our annual report analyzing the current state of customer experience, we explore the insights and trends that are shaping the way businesses will successfully interact with their customers.

  • Welcome in a CXO. Reorganize teams and technology to align to a core CX-driven vision.  
  • Master hybrid experiences. Complement a digital-first approach with the right amount of personal human touch.  
  • Safeguard with cybersecurity. Keep transformation grounded in regulatory best practices.  
  • Monetize in the metaverse. Turn virtual storefronts into a reality with reliable business support systems in place.