White Papers

Optimizing Field Service Operations with GPS

GPS is more than just a technology to find the nearest coffee shop. It's a powerful tool that gives operators a real-time look into their operations. Learn how GPS technologies can improve your field force's productivity in this whitepaper.

The Importance of the Cyber Data Management Node

Data breaches are happening more and more regularly, but that doesn't have to be the case. Learn how CSG provides large data management solutions to governmental organizations while fulfilling the requirements for the National Cybersecurity Initiative.

Driving the Need for Massive Volume Mediation

Consumer demand for broadband is growing quickly, and service providers are struggling to adapt their networks to support it. Learn how new mediation systems can meet the volume growth created by data services.

Leveraging Mobile as the Next Customer Care Channel

As more subscribers use their smartphones to research customer care-related topics, providers must tailor the user experience to support customer care. Learn how providers can integrate customer care into their mobile apps for a better customer experience.

Making the Most of Policy Management

Both customers and CSPs should have control of their mobile phone usage. Learn how integrating policy management with online charging helps CSPs gain more revenue by giving customers a real-time look into their plan usage.

Strategies for Perfecting Customer Interactions

If you store customer data in disconnected places, you're going to deliver a disconnected experience. Learn how aggregating customer data across multiple sources creates a single source of truth about the customer—and a singularly great experience.

Monetizing Bandwidth Key to New Revenue Streams

Based on growth projections for bandwidth usage in the United States, CSPs have a significant opportunity and challenge ahead. Learn how CSPs can provide innovative new broadband services at a cost that works for them and consumers.

LTE and Offline Charging: Driving the Need for a Lower Total Cost of Mediation

Because mediation is critical to enterprise revenue assurance, operators are looking for long term strategic partners that can help them overcome the challenges of IP services today and in the future. Learn what service provider executives must take into consideration when selecting a next generation mediation provider.