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CSG Digital Wholesale

Manage your entire wholesale business from one platform

Telcos aren’t your only partners. Settle for any partner service and ensure quality using the world’s most widely deployed and proven partner management solution.

A holistic solution for digital wholesale

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CSG Route

Dynamically pick and provision profitable routes, with intelligent rating and routing algorithms that let you act on good deals fast.


CSG Exchange

Make partner agreement management easy with automated management and processing of contractual information.

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CSG Detect

What do you get when you combine active monitoring and passive testing? The best way to protect your revenue and stop fraudsters in their tracks.


CSG Roam

It’s a great big world out there. Make navigating easier for subscribers (and more profitable for you) with direct control of important roaming agreements, including BCE and traditional TAP agreements.

Next-generation partner management is here

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Make life easier for you and your partners

Tired of juggling legacy systems and manual processes for partner management and more? Manage your entire wholesale business in one place with CSG.

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Increase top-line and bottom-line revenue

Add more partners to get in front of more potential customers, and quickly settle to avoid disputes. Reduce opex with SaaS, cloud and managed services options.

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Become a wholesale market leader

With over 250 customers worldwide, 1,000 successful deployments and TM Forum conformance, we know exactly what steps to take to make your project a success.

  • By leveraging the power of the cloud, our teams have the underlying billing, rating, and charging capability needed to sell MVNO and IoT solutions both now and into the future.

    Joe Parker, CEO, CKH Innovations Opportunities Development

  • With CSG, we have modernized the way we collect data from the network and injected the agility and scalability we need to react to emerging business opportunities quickly.

    Alexander Panov, CFO, GMS

  • Using CSG’s digital wholesale solution suite, we can increase quality, speed, and responsiveness for our customers, while driving efficiencies through development and process improvements.

    Tone Snellingen, Chief Sales Officer, Telenor Global Services

Manage all interconnect services from one system

Don’t let legacy systems slow you down. Recognize revenue faster with end-to-end support for rating, charging, billing, revenue sharing and partner settlement.
Discover CSG Interconnect
  • Settle for new digital services and support multi-sided business models like B2B2X with out-of-the-box functionality
  • Grow your business without limits, with high-performance processing of more than 2 billion EDRs per day for a single operator
  • Customize rating rules to any style (national, international, mobile, VAS), any unit (seconds, minutes, GB) and other criteria
  • Re-process errors, re-rate traffic and re-price millions of EDRs automatically, with an audit trail for any updated records
  • Summarize data for stakeholders and partners, with full control over what fields to show and easy export as a CSV file

Improve margins with streamlined, automated routing

Buying is one of the most complicated processes in international wholesale. Stay on top of changing supplier rates and automatically act on the best agreements with CSG Route.
  • Get a complete view of all agreements and routes to identify the most profitable rates
  • Analyze supplier rates against actual traffic, estimated costs based on routing, and your own cost base to find the right route
  • Select the best carrier to route traffic to based on service, destination, origin and time bands
  • Create routing algorithms to optimize for least cost routing, overflow routes, margin per destination and more
  • Create and manage deals with your partners and monitor performance against agreed-upon targets

Recapture millions in lost revenue

Telcos lose almost $30 billion to fraud every year. Recapture the revenues and detect more instances of fraud with active and passive testing from CSG Detect.
Read the white paper
  • Train the machine learning against your active test results to flag common fraud use cases quickly
  • Stop accidentally blocking legitimate traffic thanks to faster, more accurate detection
  • Trigger instant action when you detect fraud by automating alarms and blocking actions through APIs
  • Identify trends in fraudulent traffic through real-time, interactive dashboards
  • Reduce opex and risk by deploying CSG Detect as a managed service

Make monetizing roaming easier than global travel

Keep up with growing global traffic and support new 5G and IoT services through a convergent BCE, TAP and interconnect solution.
Download the datasheet
  • Reduce your reliance on expensive clearinghouses, and gain operational control of your roaming management to reduce costs
  • Support enhanced charging models for BCE while reducing invoice errors and disputes
  • Integrate with your existing retail billing, fraud and ERP solutions to get a complete view of transactions, traffic and expenses
  • Easily analyze the latest roaming data through easy-to-navigate UIs and standard dashboards
  • Minimize TCO with cloud and managed service deployment options

Always deliver the quality subscribers expect

Don’t let poor network quality compromise the customer experience—and your profits. Verify quality and detect fraud on your global networks with CSG Assure.

Learn more about Assure
Always deliver the quality subscribers expect

Get the whole package from CSG

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One solution for any wholesale use case

Increase your efficiency and insights into the partner journey with the entire Digital Wholesale suite. Integrate with any existing solutions through our APIs.

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Telco expertise, techco scale

CSG Digital Wholesale processes billions of EDRs each day, with cloud SaaS options and blockchain to get everyone in agreement in real time.

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Global footprint, local impact

With 250 global customers and billions of end users supported, you’re likely on a network that uses Digital Wholesale route and settle partner traffic.

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