CSG Ascendon

Gain New Subscribers and Build on Existing Relationships

Sell any digital service directly to customers and let them build bundles, pay and self-service on their own terms—giving them endless reasons to stay for the long haul.


Offering an intelligent platform to bring it all together

Give the people what they want with personalized experiences. Now you can tailor offers based on customer activity and offer more value, making for happier customers.
Collect and interpret customer data across multiple channels, devices and interactions. You can begin to leverage data to better meet changing needs throughout the customer journey.
Develop an agile environment where interactions are tailored to each individual, based on their specific wants and needs, including timing, channel, device, offer and more.

Give customers everything they want in one place

Add and update digital products in Ascendon’s product catalog, then create bundles with partner services to sell through to consumers.

  • Bundle digital and traditional services (e.g., broadband and streaming video).
  • Match your digital storefront with your brand's personality through theme, branding and metadata widgets.
  • Sell services à la carte or in packages (hard bundle, soft bundle, pick list).
  • Set up multiple subscription frequencies (day passes, monthly charges).
  • Localize offer currency and taxation based on a customer’s location.

Offer digital subscriptions—and so much more

Build on your subscription success with capabilities like promotions and merchandising. Accept payments in over 100 countries across different channels and currencies.

  • Manage every part of the buying journey—from trial subscriptions to renewals to cancellations.
  • Process payments on any channel, including credit or debit cards, loyalty programs, gift cards or third-party digital wallet offerings.
  • Facilitate subscription and one-time charge pricing models.
  • Provide discounts and coupon codes to reward subscriber loyalty.

Everything you need for digital offers

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Identity management

Authenticate and register subscribers from within your site or platform with native integrations. Wnable enterprise ID management with federated identity.


Product catalog

Manage one-time or recurring products with Ascendon’s product catalog. Build product and pricing rules to drive maximum acquisition and upsell.

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Support popular payment methods like credit and debit cards, PayPal, physical/digital gift cards, loyalty points, Apple Pay, Google Pay and direct-carrier billing.

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Charge calculation

Bill and charge customers in real time (prepaid) or through invoices (postpaid). Rate and apply usage charges based on pre-set charging rules.



Get a real-time view of customer, product, sales and transaction data through a reporting portal. Design dashboards within Ascendon or extract the data into your own analytics suite.

Go beyond simple subscriptions

Offer the digital services your customers have been waiting for with Ascendon.

Talk to an expert

Engage with customers on their terms

Create personalized offers based on history, habits and preferences, and deliver services on any device. Post-sale, solve any problems your customers have with built-in digital self-service.

  • Let customers access services how they want (web, mobile, connected TV and more).
  • Reduce subscription friction points like manual payments with securely stored payment options.
  • Get a 360-degree view of customers through accurate, real-time reports and dashboards.
  • Integrate Ascendon into existing web and platform experiences (e.g., subscriber management and logins).

  • CSG is a trusted partner of ours and their expertise and commitment to our success enabled us to go live on time. 

    Asanga Gunatillaka, Commercial Director of Consumer and Direct Business, TalkTalk

  • Working with CSGenables us to provide our customers with an unmatched personalized experience that aligns with this new age of converged connectivity. 

    Gokhan Ogut, CEO, Maxis

Launch fast. Fail fast. Scale fast.

Get to market so fast your competitors won’t even know they’re behind. Learn what isn’t working—and double down on what is—so you can deliver maximum value every time.

  • Launch Ascendon in as few as 12 weeks and roll out new services in just days.
  • Support new use cases with comprehensive charging models (one-time, subscription, usage-based).
  • Diversify lines of business to offset flat revenues in other departments.
  • Stand up Ascendon as an adjunct CSG billing system to minimize operational disruption.

Get the most out of cloud services and scale

Increase efficiency with a platform and processes built for the digital world. Get the technical flexibility you need with our modular build and microservices.

  • Automate order fulfillment, self-service and more with pre-built workflows.
  • Integrate with the platforms you use every day with 350+ APIs.
  • Deploy some or all Ascendon modules to maximize your ROI.
  • Scale up and down on demand (and especially during peak times) with the scalability and reliability of cloud and microservices.
  • Always be online when it counts with managed infrastructure and active/active architecture.

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Take your digital business to the next level

It’s time to uplevel digital subscriptions and billing. Get in touch to learn how you can roll out new CSG billing systems in days with Ascendon.