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CSG Xponent Customer Data Platform 

Unlock customer data. Uncover customers’ needs.

Knowing your customer begins here. Centralize your customer data. Create comprehensive customer profiles. Then deliver the most finely personalized interactions your customers have ever had. 

Data silos: Gone. Customer data: Unified.

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Personalize interactions up to the minute

Uncover actionable insights from customer behaviors as they happen. With real-time profiling, your personalization can turn on a dime.

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Accurate profiles for targeted experiences

Consolidate your enterprise-wide data to create a rich, unique profile for each customer. Be confident that you’re sending them the right messages, right on time.

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Easy plug-and-play integrations

Love your current data analytics tools? Xponent Customer Data Platform integrates with your existing data architecture and makes it easy to add new data sources and destinations. 

Clear your customer data roadblocks

Before you can execute data-driven CX, you have to synchronize the customer data across your organization. Learn how Xponent Customer Data Platform, a cloud-based, platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, helps you create 360-degree customer profiles that power personalized experiences.

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Why CSG Xponent Customer Data Platform


Centralize data from day one

No data clean-up required. Our CDP works with your data in its current state and thrives in your current data architecture.


Visibility for everyone

Your company’s users—from analysts to marketers to data scientists—can all manage and analyze the data themselves with a single intuitive UI. 


You’re in control 

Our CDP is PaaS you deploy in your enterprise cloud, so it operates within the bounds of your own data privacy governance.

Let’s simplify your customer data management

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