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At CSG, personal and professional integrity are foundational to our success. By conducting business with integrity, we earn the trust of our customers, stakeholders, partners, and suppliers. For CSG, doing what is right—to build and retain trust— is how we do business. This means that while we value results, we are careful to achieve those results through ethical, moral, and legal practices. An unwavering commitment to integrity is at the core of CSG corporate values. We make this commitment to our customers, employees, shareholders, and partners; CSG will not tolerate illegal or unethical behavior. Our standards of ethical behavior go beyond legal minimums, never compromising our actions. You play a critical role in protecting a valued asset—the trust that our customers, suppliers, shareholders, and communities place in us. Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns regarding ethical or proper behavior. In doing so, we can perpetuate the high ethical standards that have been integral to our past success and that will contribute to our successful future. Together, we can protect a very important attribute—our reputation for integrity. – Brian Shepherd

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The system makes it easy to report an incident about workplace issues; such as financial and auditing concerns, harassment, theft, substance abuse and unsafe conditions.
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