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CSG Quote u0026 Order

The Only CPQ Built for B2B Telco

Sell B2B2X offers fast with a catalog-driven configure, price and quote (CPQ) system that works for any service—then watch as quotes automatically become fulfilled orders.

Sell faster using an accurate, automated CPQ


Cut process and deployment times by as much as 30%

Spend less time fixing inaccurate quotes and more time helping customers solve pressing business problems.


Improve offer acceptance by as much as 20%

CSG Quote & Order software is driven by a single catalog, ensuring a seamless handoff.


Update quotes and orders instantly

Enrich your quotes and orders as they progress by configuring order stages in our inbuilt catalog.

  • CSG’s ability to automate our systems and create faster, more efficient solutions for our customers is a game-changer for our business.

    Bruce Moore, General Manager, Telecommunications, VicTrack

Configure complex offers with ease

Unleash your commercial creativity with products and services bundles that are as unique as your customers.

Read VicTrack’s digital transformation case study
  • Pull in any service or offering from your catalog, carrying over relationships, rates and more.
  • Create orders for as many devices and sites as you want.
  • Customize service details based on customer requests.

Customize pricing and discounting rules

Go beyond simple flat rates and one-time fees to create the most compelling offers. Watch pricing and discounts update instantly as orders are configured.

  • Calculate prices in real time in the prospect’s preferred currency.
  • Add discounts to make offers more commercially attractive (e.g., fixed and percentage, term discounts, promotional pricing).
  • Set up custom price policies based on your business rules, or take advantage of pre-built policies (e.g., tiered pricing, early termination fees, annualized pricing, multidimensional).

Close deals faster with accurate quotes

Reduce quote and contract errors with out-of-the-box workflows that enable seamless stakeholder sign-off.

  • Stage quotations based on how far along prospects are in the sales process.
  • Lock quotes until they’re approved to maintain discussed pricing.
  • Automate quote approval workflows to reduce the time to sign, with versioning to keep track of progress.
  • Create PDF quotes for prospects to review after your call.
  • Set fixed or custom contract terms when the deal is close to final.

Why buy a CPQ from CSG?


Deliver the best customer experiences

Improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS) with accurate quoting and ensure customers get their exact order on time.


Get up and running quickly

Start with an out-of-the-box solution built for telco CPQ use cases (B2B mobile, fiber, wholesale and enterprise), then configure for your customers’ needs.


Roll out on your preferred cloud

Deploy CSG Quote & Order on your cloud platform of choice. Then monitor quote progress and versioning within your billing system.

Maximize your B2B revenue potential

Recognize revenue faster with the only CPQ built specifically for telco use cases.

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