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CSG Telecommunications Solutions

Connect customers to what they care about

Deliver innovative 5G and digital services over your network, or with partners. Understand your customers, then give them the experiences and bundles they desire most.

Deliver industry-leading 5G services and CX


Boost efficiency, reduce operational expense

Reduce your costs with secure cloud deployments and automated processes. Only pay for the capacity you use, and scale up to meet customer demand in an instant.


Create loyalty-winning experiences

Boost retention using personalized offers customers can’t resist and proactive notifications they can’t miss.


Strengthen your core lines of business

Provide fast, quality service for all subscribers with a converged charging system. Earn additional revenue with premium pricing for speed, quality and more.

Connect with B2C and B2B customers

Make every experience exceptional

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Personalize any experience in real time

Use owned and external data to optimize the timing and targeting of key messages. Then deliver personalized, proactive interactions at scale.


Connect when it counts

Engage customers through any channel (SMS, MMS, email, print and more). Trigger inbound or outbound campaigns based on customer action or inaction.


Sell and solve problems faster

Simplify sales with intuitive offer and order management. Once customers are onboarded, solve issues faster with automated channels that reduce inbound calls and increase CSAT.

Increasing revenue starts with improving CX

Deliver omnichannel communications at scale.

For telecommunications companies, batch-and-blast mass communications are no longer good enough. Improving customer engagement now requires context-driven notifications that propel customers to act.

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The CSG Advantage for CSPs

Becoming future-ready in telecommunications requires not only best-in-class platforms for digital commerce and CX, but also a trusted telco expert to provide them. With CSG, you get it all.

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  • Partner with the complexity experts
  • Uncover new business opportunities
  • Transform on your terms
  • Streamline processes with a single vendor

Reduce Bill Shock and Confusion

Customers don’t expect the unexpected – when their bill changes, they want to know why. Guide them through their bill with generative AI-driven personalized explanations. All they have to do is click.

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Co-create with telco and techco partners


Deliver amazing partner experiences

Easily manage hundreds or thousands of partner relationships needed to monetize 5G and B2B2X ecosystems. Seamlessly onboard, monetize and settle with everyone.


Scale to support billions of connections

Our solutions leverage modular builds, open APIs and microservices to securely scale with your business. Deploy in the cloud or as a managed service to maximize savings.


Maximize your partner margins

Increase profitability through prompt, accurate billing and reconciliation of incoming invoices. Protect revenue with automated quality and fraud testing solutions.

Work better with every partner

Help your workforce help subscribers

Optimize every aspect of field service—from technician dispatch to reporting workforce metrics—with cost-saving solutions tailor-made for cable.

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Hands-on support when you need it

Get the greatest ROI from your digital transformation with a global services team. Because we know our solutions better than anyone, we’ll get you up and running quickly. Plus, with our expertise, you’ll reduce the time and money that would be required to build, train and manage internal teams.

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  • Partner with the complexity experts
  • Uncover new business opportunities
  • Transform on your terms
  • Streamline processes with a single vendor
  • CSG is a trusted partner of ours and their expertise and commitment to our success enabled us to go live on time. 

    Asanga Gunatillaka, Commercial Director of Consumer and Direct Business, TalkTalk

  • For nearly 20 years, CSG has worked with Inmarsat to get the most out of our billing and revenue management operations, enabling the introduction of new products and services while increasing efficiencies across our business.

    David Thornhill, Senior Vice President, Group IT, Inmarsat

  • By leveraging the power of the cloud, our teams have the underlying billing, rating, and charging capability needed to sell MVNO and IoT solutions both now and into the future.

    Joe Parker, CEO, CKH Innovations Opportunities Development

Ready to become a digital service provider?

De-risk your digital transformation with CSG. We’ve helped leading telcos realize real-world outcomes like reduced opex and improved retention.