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CSG Solutions for Retail

Create the ultimate buying experience

Whether they’re in-store or online, connect customers with the products and services they want (and didn’t know they needed) faster than ever.

Ignite Customer Journeys in Retail

Don’t have the time to map out every customer journey from scratch? The CSG Xponent Ignite journey library comes with dozens of templates designed with best practices in mind, so you can roll out proven journeys from Day 1. Where you take them next, is up to you.

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Ignite Customer Journeys in Retail

Omnichannel retail is here

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Engage customers in-store and online

Reach customers on the channels they use every day, like text, email, web and more. Then, follow up on customers’ most engaged channels to make sure every message you send is seen.

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Deliver personalized experiences anywhere

Keep customers coming back for more with real-time recommendations based on individual and segment behavior. Plus, reward customers for their loyalty with personalized offers.

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Launch new products based on customer insight

Track trends in segment spending habits and behavior to find your next big product opportunity. Then, create customer journeys that increase sales of the newest products in your portfolio.

Help customers buy what they want faster

Map any retail journey to a desired outcome (purchase, retention, etc.). Then, orchestrate the next best action in real time based on behavior.

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  • Offer your full portfolio of products and services to the customers most likely to buy, based on their preferences and browsing history
  • Customize online experiences for returning web visitors to increase engagement
  • Trigger best-next actions in real time (e.g., a coupon send after a purchase)
  • Identify points of friction and opportunity streamline desired business outcomes

Understand every customer’s preferences

Use the insights hidden in your data to personalize experiences. Increase revenue by understanding and anticipating what customers will buy next—before they even know it.

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  • Drill down into various customer segments or individual profiles to get a complete and unified view of customer behavior
  • Actively segment customers with every behavior and interaction they make
  • Maximize every moment by triggering real-time follow-up actions based on preferences and behavior

Personalize every customer communication

Make every online and offline channel matter, with targeted offers and messages based on previous customer purchases, preferences and behaviors.

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  • Proactively send messages and alerts about order statuses
  • Track and seamlessly connect with customers between channels without losing context
  • Communicate back and forth automatically with two-way communications
  • Avoid ghosting by understanding what each channel does best (e.g., text for alerts, emails for promotions)
  • Send or suppress messages based on factors like behavior, journey progress, membership and more

Elevate your retail customer's subscription experience

Modernize and expand your retail subscription services, ensuring long-term customer engagement and success.

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  • Harness customer behavior for the development of impactful subscription strategies.
  • Craft subscription bundles that enhance the value of current offerings.
  • Identify customers eligible for promotions and upsells that surpass mere subscription upgrades, such as exclusive one-time event tickets or targeted coupons for retail merchandise.
  • Provide flexible payment options to enhance the purchasing experience and minimize customer attrition.

Modernize your Retail Subscription eBook

This eBook aims to provide you with industry insights necessary for successfully expanding your retail subscription services, enabling you to engage customers for a lifetime of satisfaction and loyalty.

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Engage with customers on their terms

Be there for your customers 24/7

Always be available for customers with automated, AI-driven solutions. Let your in-store or contact center employees handle urgent sales or service calls—we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Provide your staff with rich insights they need to deliver the best experiences
  • Resolve issues faster and reduce frustration with CSG Conversational AI
  • Localize your messages for each market with support for 35+ languages
  • Reduce the number of messages you need to send with centralized decisioning
  • Reinvest the cost savings from self-service into customer experience innovation

Proven track record

Spark Matrix™ Leader
Forrester Wave™ Leader
Forrester Wave™: Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2020
Marketing Digital Innovation Award, Ventana Research, 2022

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