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CSG Field Service Management

Showing up for customers has never been easier

Transform your field service team into a customer satisfaction machine. Enable more same-day appointments, proactive customer communication, cost-saving automation and more.

Optimize the entire field service experience

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Send the right tech, on-time, every time

Optimize every step of the field service journey, from appointment scheduling to skill-based technician profiles to real-time traffic routing.

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Streamline jobs with mobile functionality

Equip your technicians to perform all their daily tasks on any mobile device. Connect the mobile platform to all your key back-office systems, including dispatch and billing.

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Elevate service delivery with AR

Use augmented reality (AR) to troubleshoot customer issues remotely and reduce truck rolls. Provide remote guidance to support your technicians in training.

Tier 1 North American Cable Provider Improves CX with CSG

Raising productivity and scheduling more jobs doesn’t just enhance CX—it can save millions in costs. A Tier 1 cable provider achieved just that CSG Field Service Management.
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Maximizing Mobile: 5 Field Service Challenges To Tackle with Your Mobile App and Platform

What can a mobile app do to help your employees thrive in today’s field service environment? Everything from simplifying their tasks to making customers happier.

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Maximizing Mobile: 5 Field Service Challenges To Tackle with Your Mobile App and Platform

What new efficiencies will you unlock?

Our FSM solution optimizes every facet of your field service operations, from routing and scheduling to customer communication. We’ll show you how.
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CSG Visual Connect

Empower field technicians and contact center agents see what customers see using the customer’s mobile device camera. Resolve issues quickly with visual explanations and skip the truck roll.
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  • No integration or installation required—your organization and customers can use it right away
  • Technicians and agents can mark up images and send them to customers for additional guidance
  • Keep a knowledge base of marked-up images for recurring issues

Why CSG Field Service Management

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Achieve operational excellence

Realize a 98% on-time arrival rate, increase workforce utilization by 20% and create 73% more same-day appointments. Our routing and scheduling capabilities make it happen every day.


Rely on us for simple implementation

Simplify even the most complex rollouts with CSG’s step-by-step support and airtight communication. (It’s how we maintain our 100% implementation success rate.)


Turn field service into a revenue stream

Equip your technicians to upsell and cross-sell to customers while on site. Our payment solutions help you make the most of these face-to-face interactions.

Take your field service to the next level

Time to evolve your field service management to serve tomorrow’s customer. It’s easier with CSG—telecom’s preferred FSM vendor.