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Payments & Merchant Services

Getting paid should always be the easy part

More payment methods should mean more cashflow, not more hassle. Use an integrated set of payment channels to simplify how customers pay you online, on the go or in-person.

Simplify payments. Boost revenue.

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Consolidate to one platform for efficiency

Gather acquisitions, banks and other gateways into a single payments platform. Integrate it easily into your existing systems to maximize ROI.


Swipe and tap (and more) in a snap

Speed up checkout lines with POS solutions and kiosks built for convenience. Process an array of in-person transactions including EMV and mobile wallet.

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The right call on payment IVRs

No agent needed. Accept card or eCheck 24/7 with an intuitive IVR solution that streamlines each customer’s path to payment.

More on-time payments. Happier tenants.

Rentec, a provider of online property management tools, enabled ACH and credit card payments using CSG Forte. Then the landlords using recurring payments saw 20% less churn.
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3 Steps To Ensure Payments Security

Digital payments security doesn’t have to be intimidating. This handy primer will catch you up on key terms, industry standards and best practices.
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CSG Forte Dex 

A cloud-based platform that handles all your most complex payment management functions in one place? That’s Dex. 
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  • Quick and responsive reporting tools , including a user-friendly dashboard 
  • Powerful and secure payment processing 
  • Advanced management for transactions, funding, customers and more 
  • Training and resource library with videos, PDFs and more 
  • Dispute management to maximize profits 

CSG Payment Kiosks

Kiosks should be more than just an easy way to self-serve in-person. With CSG, you’ll make them a pivotal part of the customer journey.
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  • Let customers self-serve on payments, account updates and more
  • Accept a range of payment types including cash, check and debit/credit cards
  • Outfit kiosks with scanners, biometrics, cameras and more devices
  • Gather interaction data to help improve the kiosk experience and customer journeys
  • Align kiosks with your brand using custom color options and sleek, modern design

CSG Forte Validate & Validate+

Don’t let online fraud, manual errors or insufficient funds slow your growth. We have two options to help stop bad checks from processing and validate online payments against fraud.
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  • Immediate, actionable responses on every transaction
  • Real-time reporting for Transaction Routing Numbers and invalid checksums
  • Comprehensive routing and bank account (DDA) validation across multiple data sources
  • Daily data source updates
  • (w/ Validate+) Provides decision code on all transactions and accesses additional financial and retail databases

Why CSG Forte


Customizability for your evolving business

From the online checkout to the payment kiosks, CSG Forte payment solutions can be fine-tuned to fit your brand and business model.

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Fits in with your favorite tools

Ensure easy integration using CSG Forte’s full-stack REST APIs and developer resources.

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Leave the complexity to us 

Our focus on security and compliance lets you focus on growing your business. We have built-in PCI compliance, tokenization and encryption to help reduce risks. 

Awards & Recognition 

In the payment solutions world, CSG Forte is a big deal.

2022 CNP Awards: Best E-Commerce Platform/Gateway and Best Processor
Nacha Preferred Partner
The Strawhecker Group 2022 API Awards: Best of Breed API Set Runner Up
Fintech Breakthrough Awards: Best Point of Sale Company Globally

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