Partner Settlement Management, Billing & WBMS

The leading wholesale settlement solution: everything you need to fully optimize your partner management for better profitability

Few markets are as competitive or fast moving as the wholesale telecom market. With players, policies, and partners constantly in flux, you need a reliable, scalable solution that can handle whatever you throw at it.

CSG’s Wholesale Business Management Solution (WBMS) is the leading choice of telecom operators worldwide. Comprehensive yet cost-effective, this suite helps you simplify the control of complex interconnect agreements and processes for optimum revenue and profitability. Our pre-integrated products provide the very best in strategic wholesale partner management, optimized traffic trading and routing, and accurate billing and settlement.

WBMS in the Cloud NEW!

CSG now offers WBMS in a wide range of delivery models suited to meet your needs. Want us to manage your partner settlement solution in the cloud? CSG’s Managed Services Centers of Excellence across the globe allow you to seize the world’s most powerful partner settlement application while leaving the daily management and operation to us.

Use our Managed Services offering for flexible cost, delivery and management options to best meet your business objectives.


The most successful wholesale settlement system in the world: automated, accurate, and adaptable

When increased profitability depends on your ability to reduce costs through improved efficiency, retrofit, manual and makeshift solutions just won’t cut it. Today’s partner ecosystem is simply too diverse and complex.

CSG’s Interconnect helps companies make the most of their margins. The most widely used solution for billing and settlement between communication service providers (CSPs), it maximizes profitability by looking at your business from every angle: rating, billing, settlement, discounting, bilateral and refile agreements, multi-franchise and multi-language operations, automated reconciliation and Call Detail Record matching. It also manages compliance, invoicing, taxation, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration.

“Since installing CSG's solution, the company is securing 35% of its annual revenue through carrier-to-carrier billing. This substantial contribution to our business is helping us achieve the financial backing we need to rollout these services. The solution has also become the backbone to our interconnect issues resolution process.” Digicel

“We needed a billing solution that could not only support basic voice calls but also data traffic. Our error rate for Interconnect billing is less than 0.3 percent. If there is ever a dispute over a particular bill we can analyse the details of the transactions to clarify discrepancies. Any transaction charge can be investigated, even if less than one percent of the disputed amount.” Billing Manager, Vodafone Ireland

Exchange NEW!

Automating the resource-intensive transfer of contractual information an operator receives from its partners

Operators can have hundreds or even thousands of active agreements in place with their interconnect partners, each requiring rate sheets, statements, invoices, dispute records, refile and bilateral agreements, and other contractual documents to be regularly exchanged.

The CSG Exchange service allows operators to rigorously control the transfer of partner information without needing to deploy hardware, software or skilled resources. It provides:

  • Secure upload of data from private, web-based email account drop box
  • Email notification and alerts to both parties as information is processed
  • Formalized acceptance or rejection of information received from partners
  • An official repository of approved documentation
  • Automatic loading of relevant data into billing and routing systems
  • Compliance with GBET templates and protocols

Fierce competition in telecoms has created an industry where automation and efficiency are becoming vital to survival. CSG Exchange speeds document processing, frees skilled resources and minimizes costly disputes between partners, making the wholesale business more responsive and more profitable.

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Wholesale margin management that delivers a win-win: higher profits and happier customers

How can you be sure you’re consistently getting the best wholesale rates and delivering the best quality of service to your customers on every route? CSG’s Route manages all the details of your inter-carrier relationships and delivers substantially reduced implementation times for routine changes.

Improve supplier negotiations and price-setting with end-to-end visibility of costs, revenue, quality, and capacity. Our unique visual approach to quality alerts uses graphical maps to display real-time problem areas so you can take proactive action and avoid customer complaints and churn.

With CSG’s Route you can keep pace with the constantly changing trading, routing, and quality variables in your partner network.

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“CSG’s (formerly Intec) trading and routing solution provides us with an integrated tool to ensure quality, flexibility and accuracy in managing complex inter-carrier relationships. We are very pleased with the solution's performance to date and we are confident that it will continue to support our plans to further centralize and streamline our business processes.” VP & Head of Trading and Mobile Sales TeliaSonera International Carrier


The flexible, compliant roaming solution that gives you control over configuration and costs

For roaming agreements best handled outside the standard clearinghouse settlement process, CSG’s Roam provides an end-to-end solution to craft and manage the most profitable arrangements with your biggest partners.

CSG’s Roam manages TAP/RAP generation and validation, Inter-Operator Tariff (IOT) handling, and supports the full set of GSMA requirements, giving you complete control over tariffs and discounts for your roaming subscribers. It provides an accurate picture of visiting subscribers’ service usage, so you can charge partners with confidence. Its rapid deployment shortens time-to-market and simplifies the implementation of new services.

CSG’s Roam helps you maximize your roaming revenue – quickly, easily, and within current regulations.

“CSG’s Roam solution allowed the staff to implement our own new services and the users to configure their own agreements. It is a world class platform for mediation, roaming and settlement, that fully supports our roaming requirement and that has a defined roadmap aligned with industry requirements.” Chief of Settlement and Revenue, CLARO - Chile


The largest and most trusted quality test network in the world – proactive quality monitoring to meet customer expectations

Quality matters. It’s not enough to make the connection; the connection has to be good. CSG Assure helps more than 150 Communication Service providers worldwide secure the highest quality of service (QoS). Many of the world’s largest carriers and operators turn to Assure for support with outbound CLI verification, FAS detection, MOS quality testing, roaming quality testing and more.

CSG Assure is offered as a Cloud-based SaaS model with flexible monthly subscription fees. You can be up and running with CSG Assure within two weeks, and our Network Operations Center provides 24/7 end-to-end monitoring of service levels from network to carrier to end user.

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“CSG Assure is a strategic tool which contributes to our success in delivering uncompromising quality and attracting traffic from quality conscious mobile operators.” Tata Communications

Carrier Access Billing (CABS)

The most reliable, carrier-grade settlement solution for the CABS standard

More than 65 U.S. CSPs use CSG’s CABS solution to maximize inter-carrier revenues while reducing potential settlement disputes.

CSG’s CABS provides the Tier-1, carrier-grade functionality you need to fully optimize your network usage: revenue assurance, dispute tracking, robust reporting, reciprocal and wireless inter-carrier settlement, and full compliance with CABS standards.

We offer three tiers of service: in-house deployment, service-bureau processing, and CABS CG Online which gives you the flexibility to perform as much or as little of the processing as makes sense for your business. Each option offers you a cost-effective way to streamline the measurement and settlement process for improved profitability.