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Achieve fast, astonishing outcomes with an award-winning customer engagement solution tailored to your industry, tied to your business goals and prebuilt to quickly go live.

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Prove the business case with confidence

Learn where you are today with our CX Maturity Model. Pinpoint your CX areas of opportunity using our detailed ROI Calculator.

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Launch easily with prebuilt journeys

Orchestrate industry-leading customer journeys with the best practices built in. Go live with minimal IT effort.

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Leverage pre-configured integrations

Kickstart your data-driven customer journey management using our connector library. No need to rip and replace—our platform seamlessly connects to more than 100 different systems.

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Astounding outcomes. Accelerated.

How can you achieve game-changing results—quickly—from improving customer journeys? Here's how a Fortune 500 telecommunications company saw an 887% return on investment using CSG Xponent Ignite.

Step 1:
Identify journeys to improve

The company was sending too many generic offers and struggled to generate additional revenue from existing customers.

Step 1: <br>Identify journeys to improve
Step 2: <br>Put customer data to work

Step 2:
Put customer data to work

First, they connected their siloed data sources to CSG Xponent’s vast API library. Then they were able to create comprehensive customer profiles that update in real time.

Step 3:
Take a journey-centric approach

The company used a customer journey-centric approach to identify the perfect moment for upsell. Then, leveraging intelligent decisioning, they adapted and optimized messaging to be more relevant and personalized to each customer.

Step 3: <br>Take a journey-centric approach
Step 4: <br>Demonstrate value quickly

Step 4:
Demonstrate value quickly

The company managed communications to over 1M+ customers, achieved a 336% increase in upsell success and saw an 887% return on investment.

CSG Xponent Ignite launches first-class customer journeys in these industries:

Financial Services

Provide in-the-moment information to help customers make wise financial decisions.
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  • Deliver digital experiences that attract customers and retain them by building trust
  • Communicate in real time, anywhere
  • Hyper-personalize customer communications on their preferred engagement channels


Boost patient engagement to improve their care and health outcomes.
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  • Engage patients in their care treatment plan for better outcomes
  • Increase billable hours and reduce margin pressure by reminding patients to attend appointments
  • Provide patients with the extraordinary experiences they get from their favorite consumer brands


Orchestrate a consistent buying experience as consumers switch between online and in-person touchpoints—or use both at the same time.
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  • Promote new products and services to drive customer acquisition and retention
  • Deploy meaningful customer journeys throughout the buyer’s lifecycle from discover to buy to retain
  • Target and personalize offers in real time based off customer behaviors


Outmaneuver your competition by delivering industry-leading experiences to subscribers.
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  • Create connected communications through an omnichannel approach
  • Provide self-service solutions to help customers skip the call center
  • Retain customers through promo roll-offs by sending proactive, personalized offers

Download the datasheet for your industry below:

Light the spark for customer journey-centric CX

Let's build a business case based on where your organization's CX maturity is today. We’ll show you how to launch fast with prebuilt journeys and integrations created specifically for your industry.