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Revenue Management & Monetization

Cable Billing Solutions

Embrace the power of a modern cable billing solution that enables you to boost operational efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize revenue.

What is a cable billing system?

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Customer management and care

This includes creating and managing customer accounts,racking customer interactions, providing offer recommendations and managing orders.

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Billing processing

This includes automating the billing process, calculating customer charges and processing payments.

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Reporting and analytics

This involves providing cable companies with reports on their customer usage, billing performance and other key metrics.

CSG’s market-leading cable billing system: ACP

CSG Advanced Convergent Platform (ACP) is the market leading solution for billing, customer care and business optimization. Designed as a holistic and modular solution that improves the customer and employee experience and your revenues, ACP enables providers to manage the entire billing ecosystem, from revenue management to customer care and payment processing.

CSG Advanced Convergent Platform

What does a cable billing system do?


Customer onboarding and provisioning

Efficiently manage customer onboarding processes, including account creation, service activation, and equipment provisioning.


Customer interaction tracking

Track and manage customer interactions across various channels, such as phone, email, and online chat,o provide a consistent and personalized experience.

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Service change management

Seamlessly handle customer requests for service changes, such as adding or removing channels, upgrading internet plans, or relocating services.


Automated billing and invoicing

Accurately generate invoices based on customer usage and subscription plans, ensuring timely and correct billing.

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Payment processing and reconciliation

Facilitate secure and efficient payment processing, including electronic payments, credit card processing, and automated reconciliation.

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Revenue and billing performance analytics

Analyze revenue trends, identify billing discrepancies, and optimize pricing strategies.

Cable billing systems help providers:

  • Improve efficiency and accuracy in their billing processes.
  • Reduce costs associated with billing and customer service.
  • Gain insights into customer usage patterns and operational trends.
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Cable billing systems should:

  • Automate as many of the tasks involved in the billing process as possible.
  • Be flexible enough to accommodate the needs of different cable companies, regardless of their size or business lines.
  • Be scalable to meet growing cable companies’ needs.
  • Integrate with other cable company systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and accounting platforms.

The benefits of partnering with CSG ACP

Increase revenue with best offer recommendations

Help agents and customers build the best bundles.

Retain and manage customers

Track customer interactions and provide agents with necessary information to support issue resolution.

Unlock new growth opportunities

Expanding into wireless or adding new business lines is easier with configurability.

Make smarter business decisions with reporting

Uncover data insights and be in the know with real-time data streaming.

Improve time to payment

Make it easier for customers to pay through multiple channels.

Rely on proven scalability

Get offers to market faster with a system that can keep up.

Migrate to CSG ACP today

There’s a cost to doing nothing. Migrate your cable billing system today with less risk and more business results. Learn more about the features and benefits of BSS solutions for cable providers with CSG ACP by talking to our experts today.