Creative Design

CSG’s creative design team delivers effective and innovative designs—spanning all customer touchpoints—that complement your brand and move the needle.

Design Services For Bills, Letters, Landing Pages and More

Common lifecycle communications, like bills, letters, landing pages, emails form your company’s most frequent touchpoints with customers. However, that familiarity can lead to frustration when information is hard to find, questions are not easily answered, and the content is not personalized to the customer. Prevent costly calls to a contact center and customer outcry with clear communication designs that align with your brand standards and voice.

CSG’s offers graphic design and CX consultative services to ensure your customer communications work gets noticed and is acted upon. Capture attention, drive engagement and conversion, and deliver real ROI. Build compliance and channel best-practices into every interaction across every touchpoint. With decades of marketing and transactional communication expertise, we’ll help you address the metrics that matter in your business.

Compelling By Design

Our creativity extends well beyond the use of color, formatting, and distinctive designs to reinforce your brand identity. We bring technical expertise to ensure you maximize engagement regardless of print or digital channels selected. We dive deep into the details that can make or break campaign effectiveness, like, page load time, word choice, placement and brand continuity. Then, we create the optimal design that balances each of these factors.

CX Best Practices

Consult us for a project or a campaign and let us share the expertise we’ve honed working with B2C and B2B customer experience leaders. Whether you need to improve your direct mail response rates or reinvigorate letter designs, our creative team delivers timely, proven solutions.

Omnichannel Experience

From statement messaging to interactive landing pages and beyond, we have the expertise to optimize every element of your campaign. We have been at the forefront of digital transformation for decades, and can help drive your CX transformation across print, digital, and even voice.

Brand Transformation

CSG’s creative design team has helped numerous clients manage their brand transformation projects, from logo redesigns to new branding. We provide brand continuity across all communication touchpoints, channels and projects, so you can keep customers informed as you move to the new look.

Related Capabilities

Bill Design

Bills are one of the most common ways you communicate with customers—but that doesn’t mean bills have to be ordinary. Design and present bills that are engaging, exciting and easy to understand.

Document Composition

Making a small change to customer documents can be a big headache. Speed up the document design and approval process and create compelling documents with document composition software from CSG.



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