Bill Design

Bills are one of the most common ways you communicate with customers—but that doesn't mean bills have to be ordinary. Design and present bills that are engaging, exciting and easy to understand.

Build a Better Bill

Bills are necessary documents for customers to read—they have the latest updates on monthly charges, balances, and payment methods. But bills should also be easy to read, laid out in a way that highlights the most essential information. Otherwise, customers have to find answers for themselves—and often end up calling for help.

Help your customers understand billing information with CSG’s billing experience solutions. Design, deliver and present bills across print and digital channels, all while working off of a central, consistent design. Let customers access their billing information 24/7 through interactive bill presentment. And personalize graphics and calls to actions on bills based on customers’ account usage and history.

Design and Deliver

CSG helps you deliver the best billing experience for your customers, whether it’s in print or online. We send over 1 billion printed bills every year, and process and mail 24/7. We also send 17 million ebills every year, connecting you with customers on digital channels while encouraging print suppression.

Less Bill Shock, More Bill Awe

We’ll work with you to identify key areas you want to call out on your billing statements. Then we’ll customize how the information is presented across print and digital channels. Use color, graphics and highlights to draw attention to the information you want and need customers to act on. And use our video solution to preempt calls and help customers understand new charges, price changes and more.

Digital Bills

Be where your customers are, and deliver bills on the channels they use every day. Send customers secure email bills, or set up an interactive bill payment portal where customers can drill down into charges and account usage. Graphs and analytics clearly explain how customers are using different products and services.

Printed Bills

CSG produces and distributes over 75 million printed documents and statements every month, making us one of the Top 10 USPS Mailers in the country. Because of our high-volume send, we get some of the best discounts in the industry—savings we pass along to you.


CSG Interactive Bill

CSG Interactive Bill puts customers in control of their digital billing experiences, providing analytics and insights that transform how they interact with your business.

Print and Mail

With the world’s communications going digital, a well-crafted print message can stand out. CSG helps companies like yours design and deliver compelling printed documents, and give your customers more options to use digital channels.

Precision eBPP

Make it easy for customers to view and pay their bills on your website. Decrease any days sales outstanding (DSO) with multiple payment options so customers are more likely to follow through. To avoid any outstanding payments, keep customers in the loop with monthly email reminders.

CSG SmartVideo

Making a good impression on customers has never been more critical in today’s competitive communications marketplace. Use real-time, personalized videos to explain common account information to new and existing customers, and make your brand stand out.



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