Field Service Solutions

Better efficiency and happier customers, job after job. CSG’s analytics-driven, customer-centric field service solutions help you achieve both.

Right Technician, Right Time, Every Time

Field conditions are never optimal, with no-shows, traffic incidents and appointment cancellations constantly shifting your field technicians’ workflows.

But they can definitely be optimized. You can balance job priorities, customer expectations and the day’s appointments so your technicians always know where they should be and when. You can empower them to adapt to any change that comes their way with real-time scheduling and routing data. And you can keep customers updated and satisfied with proactive communications.

Service at Scale

CSG’s global field service management solutions help more than 75,000 technicians complete more than 100 million work orders every year. And we help them achieve a 98 percent on-time arrival rate, so they can keep the promises they’ve made to customers. Our solutions can promote excellence in your field service operations—no matter the size, no matter the market.


Boost Operational Efficiency

What if you could unlock cost savings at every step of the field service job cycle? CSG’s field service management solutions help you reduce costs and increase efficiency with automation. Optimize available appointment times for customers and the scheduling of jobs using real-time traffic and business intelligence tools.

Solutions Designed with CX in Mind

Our solutions help you deliver what today’s customers demand: a seamless, end-to-end experience before, during and after day of service. You can automate customer notifications and create best-in-class customer experiences using predictive customer journey orchestration and AI-driven virtual assistants. And with our remote video support solutions, you can also enable technicians to assist customers without entering their homes.

Create Revenue Opportunities

Save technicians a return trip and let them upsell new connected devices and services when they’re on site for an installation. Technicians can use our mobile sales application to upgrade service, upsell and change service during an appointment. They can also capture signatures, send receipts and sync with any CRM systems.


CSG Field Service Management

The power of good operations is proven in the field, and having the right tools for the job can turn any workforce into a well-oiled machine. CSG offers dynamic field service management solutions that enable flexibility and effectiveness at every possible touchpoint.

CSG Visual Connect

Save your field technician the trip. Let your contact center agents troubleshoot technical issues remotely through image and video sharing.

Related Capabilities

Field Service Management Optimization

Conditions in the field change—so change with them. Whether you’re hitting the ground running, or looking for ways to get more out of your current solution, CSG’s optimization services team can help. Together, we’ll identify and implement proven processes that optimize configuration and daily operations.



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