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Leverage the Power of Personalization Through Technology

Customers expect personalization at the individual level when engaging with brands. Tailoring products, services and communications improves customer experience (CX) and boosts revenue, creating unique, memorable experiences.

Deliver CX-enhancing personalization by implementing customer journey orchestration.

The benefits of personalization

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Keep up with customers’ needs

Most consumers (71%) expect personalization in their interactions with companies. Personalization is no longer nice to have. It’s a must.

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Increase customer loyalty and retention

When your customers feel like they matter,hey’re more likely to keep investing in your products and services with repeat purchases.

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Create a seamless customer experience

Personalization creates a seamless experience by delivering the most relevant content to each user based on their needs at that time.

What is personalization?

Personalization means tailoring an experience or communication to each person’s unique interests and needs. The most effective personalization helps customers feel like individuals rather than as part of a general or segmented audience.

Create individual, personalized experiences by using customer information you’ve already gathered. For example:

  • Create unique landing pages for campaigns.
  • Tailor messaging to individual needs.
  • Provide relevant product and service recommendations.
  • Customize messaging by location, demographics or other micro-segmentations.
  • Offer targeted promotions based on customers’ buying, usage or browsing histories.
  • Celebrate milestones.
  • Follow up post-purchase (e.g., send a survey or how-to video, request a review).
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Limitations of personalization

Several obstacles make it difficult—if not impossible—to deliver meaningful personalization that improves CX.

For example, storing customer data in different, siloed systems across departments makes it difficult to create a unified customer data profile for each customer. Exhibiting no consideration of context across touchpoints and engagement channels is another barrier to CX personalization, as is a lack of real-time decisioning and journey orchestration.

To overcome these barriers, you need a customer journey management system that includes a customer data platform, journey analytics and journey orchestration.

Customer journey orchestration helps increase customer personalization by helping you:

  • Understand context: Identify that a person is likely getting married since they recently purchased a wedding planner.
  • Determine relevance: Check the customer’s purchase history to ensure a match with past activity.
  • Create individualized offers: Send a recommendation and a coupon for a wedding guestbook.
  • Craft a compelling follow-up: Send a follow-up message via their preferred communication channel to thank the customer for the purchase or remind them of the special offer if they didn’t purchase the product.
  • Provide a best next experience: Ask the customer how the guestbook worked out and then offer a deal on the next product.
Enhance CX beyond personalization

Optimize personalization and CX

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