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Subscription Management

Engage Consumers. Strengthen Brand Loyalty.

New digital service offering options crop up all the time. Intelligent subscription management makes it possible for existing providers and new entrants to rapidly plan, configure and launch products and services that instantly engage consumers and strengthen brand loyalty.

Grow and scale your subscription revenue stream

The right subscription management solution provides everything you need to put your focus where it should be: on your customer.

The key capabilities of an intelligent subscription management solution include:

  • Effortless management of your customer, their identity, profile, and preferences, and the ability to put this information to work serving your customer.
  • The ability to offer straightforward recurring subscriptions and more complex multidimensional subscription and usage models on one powerful platform.
  • Using customer profile information, history and externally sourced data to put the right offer in front of right customers at the right time, ensuring you maximize revenue potential.
  • Creating the most compelling customer offerings by easily bundling your products and services with partner offerings.
  • Allowing your customers to pay through all the most popular payment methods in the market, including credit or debit cards, loyalty programs, gift cards, etc.

CSG Ascendon

CSG Ascendon is a cloud-native monetization platform that offers subscription billing, offer management, payments, customer support tools and reporting analytics dashboards. We’re the engine for the digital evolution of your subscription management services, and more. We enable you to create better experiences by leveraging customer behavior data to deliver quick-to-market strategies.

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Why CSG for subscription management solutions?


Get to market fast

Create, launch and monetize new subscription products and services in hours.


Give customers more control

Improve how you serve your customers by giving them control over their experiences including subscription iterations, payments, permissions and notifications.

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Get a competitive edge

Stay ahead of the competition with advanced features such as dynamic charging, couponing, loyalty programs, failed payment recovery and much more.


Help customers self-serve

Reduce costs by enabling your customers to care for themselves through intuitive selfcare capabilities.


Provide compelling offers

Reduce churn by proactively offering at-risk subscribers compelling reasons to stay.

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Improve customer lifetime value (CLV)

Increase lifetime value of your customers by offering them the ability to upgrade, downgrade or change their subscription offerings whenever they want.


Tap into the power of the cloud

Leverage the power of the cloud with a cloud-native software as a service (SaaS) solution to ensure your business is generating revenue in a world-class infrastructure provided by AWS.

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Support innovative pricing models

Leverage a wide range of pricing models, including usage-based pricing, tiered pricing and subscription-based pricing, making it easier to monetize new services.

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Get to market faster

Get up and running quickly with a deployment timeframe measured in weeks, and a quick and seamless integration into your broader infrastructure.

  • CSG is a trusted partner of ours and their expertise and commitment to our success enabled us to go live on time. 

    Asanga Gunatillaka, Commercial Director of Consumer and Direct Business, TalkTalk

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