CSG Celebrates Earth Day 2024


CSG is doing more than ever before to envision, invent and shape a better, more future-ready world. We celebrate our shared planet by committing to meaningful change from the ground up. Stronger together—CSG channels the power of all to make a difference in our communities.

This Earth Day, we at CSG are doing our part to serve a greener, cleaner planet. See how we’re working toward a brighter tomorrow, and discover ways you can get involved right where you are.

A Commitment to Drive Change

Inspired people and high-integrity organizations make the world a better place. As a global company, CSG recognizes its responsibility to foster a culture of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

CSG’s commitment extends beyond Earth Day as the organization embraces ongoing future-forward corporate initiatives, such as:

  • Carbon Neutrality by 2035: CSG pledges to reduce its carbon footprint by achieving carbon neutrality in Scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.
  • E-Waste Disposal: CSG promotes IT recycling by providing e-waste bins for CSGers.
  • Green Your Routine: CSG has created an employee engagement campaign that drives environmental awareness and action through encouraging simple daily swaps for a more sustainable lifestyle.

CSG Takes Action for Earth Day

CSGers live out our mission to shape a better planet by promoting everyday ways to get involved on Earth Day. From partnering with Plant Tree Action to plant trees in Brazil to teaming up for park restoration projects in Colorado, we’re making an impact around the world.

One CSGer builds steps for bettering the Earth into a daily routine by turning individual action into collective effort.

Working Together for a Healthier Planet

For CSG Human Resources Manager Zoe Swarts, committing to a cleaner world started at an early age. She recalls fond memories from her childhood in Cape Town, South Africa, of picking up litter with her grandmother.

“I live in South Africa and it’s such a gorgeous country, but many areas are consumed by pollution,” Zoe says. “I don’t like the mentality of ‘someone should do something about that mess.’ I am that someone, so I try to help.”

Today, Zoe lives out her grandmother’s legacy by bringing people together to make an impact in her community. By actively participating in local projects like group beach clean-ups, she dedicates her time to protecting the ocean and inspires others to make a difference.

Zoe’s Advice: Small Changes, Big Impact

Ready to “Green Your Routine”? Zoe’s advice: Start small and build up.

“By implementing simple adjustments in our daily lives, like waste reduction and energy conservation, it creates a foundation for a sustainable future,” she shares. “Educating ourselves about environmental issues and seeking out ways to get involved with local community groups can make a tangible impact.”

How to Get Involved This Earth Day

Everyone can make a difference this Earth Day. As a proud partner of EARTHDAY.ORG, CSG is answering the “Planet vs. Plastics” call to action and tackling trash cleanup around the globe.

Last year, 2,560 CSGers cleaned up more than 38,400 pounds of trash worldwide. Join us for the 2024 Great Global Cleanup to harness the power of collective action in your community this Earth Day.

Looking for more ways to inspire change?

Read the 2023 Global Impact Report to learn how CSG is empowering a bold future.

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CSG Celebrates Earth Day 2024