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CSG Is Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Customer Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2024


Retaining customers is top of mind for many organizations—and it should be. Your most powerful competitive edge lies within how your company treats existing customers. That is why you need a customer journey orchestration (CJO) platform that performs like a well-rehearsed symphony of easy interactions. Within the latest Forrester Wave ™ report ranking customer journey orchestration platforms, Forrester emphasizes that customer-obsessed companies outperform their competitors. By making your customers feel they’re receiving a journey composed solely for them, you help ensure they stay tuned in and loyal to your brand.



By mastering the art of anticipating customers’ needs, you can intelligently guide customers through comprehensive, orchestrated journeys that allow for easy completion of everyday transactions. Customer experience (CX) continues to be one of the most crucial aspects for a company to get right, and journey orchestration makes CX intuitive, guiding the process so smoothly that each customer feels it’s tailored just for them.

While nearly 20% of brands saw a decline in CX quality in 2022, by prioritizing that seamless, easy journey for each customer, you increase satisfaction you put your brand ahead of the competition. Here are a few key facts about the importance of choosing a quality CX provider:

Seamless customer journeys are no longer a differentiator—they’re a necessity. Friction in essential tasks like filling a prescription or making payments leads to lost revenue, unhappy customers and weakened brand loyalty.

Organizations can’t afford to give up ground to their digital-first competition. That’s what makes CJO a critical part of organizations’ CX strategy: It helps them personalize their individual customers’ experience and optimize simple touchpoints along their journey. But not all CJO solutions and providers are created equal, and organizations look to the Forrester Wave™ for advice on how to choose a leading customer journey orchestration software provider.

Riding the Xponent Wave: What Forrester Has to Say

The Forrester Wave™ evaluates CJO platform vendors, scoring them based on 30 in-depth criteria. Forrester recommends businesses use CJO “to drive journey success for customers and your company across touchpoints and silos, orchestrate hyper-personalized journeys across a variety of systems using AI, and learn and adapt to evolving customer intent to deliver empathetic experiences.”

In the Forrester Wave™: Customer Journey Orchestration Q2 2024, CSG tied for the top score in the strategy category and received the highest possible scores in 16 of Forrester’s criteria, including:

  • Connecting data across sources

  • Customer journey analytics

  • Predictive journey AI

  • Real-time decisioning
  • Cross-journey orchestration

Forrester also recognized CSG Xponent for strengths like identity resolution and privacy, business impact analysis and data integration. One reference customer said, “Being able to consolidate data sources is something that many claim but few truly achieve. We achieved that because of CSG Xponent. This brings instantaneous impact to the business as we see in real time how actions directly impact customer behavior.

The Forrester Wave™ report concluded that “CSG is a good fit for companies and CX consultancies looking for industry tailored maturity models, deep data capabilities, and journey-based AI products in the telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, and retail industries.”

Conduct Your CX Masterpiece With CSG Xponent

CSG Xponent, CSG’s customer experience platform with CJO at the heart, acts as a maestro leading a symphony—blending cutting-edge technologies like AI, real-time decisioning, dynamic content creation and analytics. CSG’s platform connects every customer touchpoint across each customer’s journey, creating a cohesive experience that always hits the right note.

Data as the score: Connected customer data creates the melody, providing structure and direction for the decisioning engine to deliver the right action, at the right time.

Journey as a song: The customer journey will always be the score around which everything else revolves. Journey analytics helps you understand each individual customer by tracking and measuring their every interaction with your brand, across every channel and device.

Harmonize business results: Our journey analytics solution lets you continually optimize your outcomes, allowing you to see where your investments are yielding returns—and where there’s room for improvement.

You could experience proven results in as few as 30 days, including:

  • $27M in annual contact center savings

  • 43% reduction in contact center calls

  • 3x increased response to SMS messages

  • $30M annual revenue increase through improved collections


See the Difference a Leader Makes

With an industry leading CJO platform and customer experience partner, you can get started making considerable improvements to customer experiences in no time. To learn more about how CSG Xponent can help you conduct journeys that play to your customers’ evolving wants and needs, contact us today.

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