Keydok Digital Asset Suite by CSG

Digital Trust Manager

Secure your digital engagements using robust trust mechanisms. All user interactions are executed using state-of-the-art authentication, security, and a combination of centralized and decentralized services.

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  • Identity Profile Management, Validation, Authentication, and Verification
  • Phone and Digital Account Validation
  • Tokenization Password Creation
  • Unified System or Application User Identification
  • User Profile Address Management

Digital engagements you can trust


Security and Flexibility

All user interactions are executed using state-of-the-art identification, security, and a mix of centralized and decentralized services.


Identification and Validation

Simplify data capture to biometric authentication, verifications against official sources.

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Manage and Notify

Globally accepted, fundamental principles of legally recognized attributes to avoid fraud.

Digital Evidence Manager

Facilitate compliance and security in digital interactions by creating a traceable network of status changes, proof of events, related identities, and associated Digital Asset registry.

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  • Document formatter facilitates communication with the user and the adoption of documents
  • Document Box offers the display of all common documents and offers the ability to interact with them via dynamic viewing and signature
  • Document Loader allows you to associate essential information to a document, create a process to notify those involved with the document and request some type of interaction
  • Document List enables you to consult the documents in which you are involved, allows you to review the document and, if necessary, allows you to perform a simple approval action or perform an official signature

Digital Asset Manager

Protect valuable business information as unalterable Digital Assets, preventing fraud with complete control of stakeholders.

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  • Convert electronic content into digital assets
  • Documentation and banking services in one place with universal wallet
  • Dynamic form captures fields defined to complete customer information
  • Engage with omni-channel notifications or messages defined by the client and triggered by predefined events within the application
  • Implement comprehensive API data transformation to orchestrate use within the application

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