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The Evolution of Customer Experience: From Personalization to Journey Orchestration

CSG, 2019-05-28

Many companies have taken the first step towards achieving this goal by adding channels and personalizing messaging, but customer expectations have moved beyond you knowing their name and delivering messages on their preferred device. To win the CX battle, companies are enhancing the personalized customer experience by proactively orchestrating customer relationships.

Artificial Intelligence Enhances Customer Interactions

CSG, 2019-02-28

Leaders from AT&T, Telefónica, Elisa and KDDI Research discussed the applications of automation and artificial intelligence in the session “AI and the Operator Automation Opportunity for CX” on Day 3 of MWC Barcelona.

5G Presents Opportunities and Challenges for Mobile Industry

CSG, 2019-02-27

The entire telecom industry is buzzing around the potential of 5G and how its improved connectivity will improve lives and business operations. But while there’s excitement, there’s also pragmatism as operators assess what changes will need to take place to make 5G a reality. Executives from Liberty Global, Telstra and Etisalat participated in “The Next […]

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