CSG ACP Interfaces

Streamline your sales operations with our built-in ACP interfaces. CSG offers several easy-to-use interfaces to allow our clients or vendors to integrate with CSG's billing system.

Easy-To-Use Billing System Interfaces

Our Event Notifications Interface sends you and your vendors updates when billing system information has been added, updated, or deleted. We send push notifications based on configurable business needs, resulting in real-time data being sent to customers without delay.

Our SmartLink BOS Interface lets you and your vendors retrieve, add, update, and delete information stored in CSG’s billing system. This enables a wide range of use cases that touch every aspect of the customer experience, from the service representative taking the customer order to the technician completing a work order.​

Our Order Services Interface is an offer-aware API that facilitates order entry in the ACP billing system.​ Tailor the order flow to provide simplified user experience, especially for new connect activities. ​



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