CSG Intermediate

Billions of devices are generating trillions of data records every day. Consolidate all your mediation functions onto one platform with CSG Intermediate.

The Strategic Enterprise Mediation Platform of Choice

Next-generation services are driving new business models across industries such as cloud services and Internet of Things (IoT) services. These new services, combined with the explosion of digital content, generate data records in volumes orders of magnitude greater than the past. Capture, containerize and process customer usage events of all kinds from any service delivery network with CSG Intermediate.

CSG Intermediate supports mediation across any domain (mobile, fixed, broadband), across all mediation functions (offline, online, network) and for all deployment approaches (on-premise, cloud, licensed software or as a fully-managed service). With hundreds of global installations, Intermediate is one of the most trusted mediation and transaction management solutions in the world. Today, our largest customer processes over 178 billion records a day at single site alone.

Intermediate Features

CSG Intermediate keeps pace with the transaction volume growth of some of the world’s largest operators today, in a cost-effective manner and with the flexibility to enable what comes next. With hundreds of customer installations worldwide, CSG Intermediate offers a proven, market-leading solution for enterprise mediation.

Consolidated Platform

Intermediate combines horizontal, offline and online mediation for any network type—wireless, wireline, 3G, 4G and 5G—from a single platform.

Seamless Plug-In Integration

Easily configure real-time active mediation portals with off-the shelf support for real-time network elements and billing systems. 

Fast Configuration

Use our drag-and-drop plan management to configure online and offline mediation workflows. Quickly implement mediation rules for transaction validation, correlation, de-duplication filtering and routing rules with powerful scripting.


Active Mediation Manager

Active Mediation Manager (AMM) is an optional Intermediate module for online mediation and next-generation charging control, built for 5G and IoT. The solution supports the rollout next-generation services, controlling in-session interactions between any service delivery network and business systems. AMM solution further enhances the value of CSG Digital Mediation to operators: managing active mediation directly within CSG Digital Mediation simplifies operations, and familiar configuration tools will help users to reduce the time to launch new services.

Security Data Orchestrator

CSG Security Data Orchestrator enables you to streamline the handling of alert and log information and strengthen your security operations. The solution helps ingest, filter, cleanse, containerize and correlate massive amounts of data at machine speed. Security Data Orchestrator easily handles the tasks of high-volume data normalization and transmission to the monitoring layer, thereby reducing the impact on large existing investments. The result? Greatly improved performance from business, operations and security analytics—and much lower storage costs and bandwidth utilization.



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