CSG Singleview

Quickly monetize and manage communications services from a single platform, accelerating time to revenue, with CSG Singleview.

Real-Time Charging, Billing and Customer Care Solution for Convergent Markets

In today’s digital world, operators need to do everything from creating personalized offers in real time to consumer markets of one, to managing enterprise customers with hundreds to thousands of relationships. This will require increasing process agility, go-to-market pricing and bundling flexibility, and precision insights across all operations, from customer care to network management, from charging to revenue management, from content to partner management and beyond.

Singleview is a single solution for real-time rating, charging and billing, reducing costs and increasing consistency across your organization. Launch new services and scale quickly with a future-proofed architecture that grows with your business. Offer any pricing model and accept any type of payment, and maintain a unified view of the customer with pre-integrated customer management. Over 70 leading wireline, wireless, IP carriers, and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) rely on CSG Singleview to deliver real-time charging and postpaid billing.

Built for Any Business Model

Singleview is the only real-time charging, billing and customer care solution designed from the ground up for converged markets and B2C, B2B and B2B2X business models. Singleview removes the expense and risk often seen with typical billing/CRM integration programs. Adapt the solution to address any market or segment, without the need for costly upgrades or system replacements.

Charging and Billing

Manage transactions in real-time or batch, delivering the most up-to-date information on pricing and services.

Customer Management

Get a real-time, 360-degree view of customer and service information, supporting functions from prospecting and orders to post-billing support and issue resolution.


Process transactions faster with a system that scales as you grow. Maintain performance levels with near-linear scalability as data volumes increase.


Convergent Charging and Billing

Support any product, service, and customer type with convergence across any industry.

Commerce Engine

The world is growing increasingly real-time. With Singleview Commerce Engine, you can support real-time transactions, account and balance management.

Policy Management

CSG Singleview Policy Management delivers policy and charging rules in real-time to multiple network, application and service delivery platforms.

Customer Management

Give your contact centers the direct access and immediate insight they need to provide superior customer service.

Business Explorer

Business Explorer is a business insight solution, combining Singleview and third-party data to give you the most complete view of your business. Start with predefined dashboards, or create your own ad hoc analyses and reporting. Business users then have easy access to the critical information needed to drive decision making.

Configuration Studio

Configuration Studio is an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to match Singleview with your business rules and data definitions. Create and maintain specific business rules via an easy-to-use extensible configuration platform.

Business and Administration Studio

Specially designed for your marketing team, Business & Administration Studio lets your team quickly update pricing and create new bundles in your product catalog.



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