CSG Singleview Convergent Rating & Billing

Support any product, service and customer type with Singleview Convergent Rating & Billing.

Future-proofed network, segment and service convergence

The more things change, the more they stay the same. New technology, business models and even customer types mean that new demands are being placed on CSPs’ business support systems. At the same, time the drive to reduce both capex and opex has intensified. So you need to be efficient, while being able to respond quickly to new challenges.

Singleview Convergent Rating & Billing provides flexible, scalable and robust rating, discounting and billing. Revenue can be generated from any kind of service, whatever subscription or pricing model is applied. From bundling to revenue share, Singleview covers every imaginable option, so you know that your needs will be met―even if you don’t know what they are.


Singleview is proven in its ability to scale from entry-level to the massive volumes processed at some of the world’s largest carriers, showing that the system will grow with your ambition.

Customer Management

Maintain contacts, customers and hierarchies of any size, as well as post-billing support for viewing invoices, disputes and adjustments where Singleview Customer Management or a third-party CRM is not used.

Resource Management

Model physical and logical resources or inventory. The inventory can be held in Singleview and used in customer orders—including items such as SIM card identifiers like IMSI, phone numbers, email addresses—or an external resource catalog can be used (i.e. homes passed).

Cross Domain

Singleview is scalable both horizontally and vertically, supporting increasing workloads by adding hardware such as CPUs, memory, disk, network and servers. Virtualize hardware using partitioning and virtualize software using virtual machines.



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