CSG Singleview Customer Management

Give your contact centers the direct access and immediate insight they need to provide superior customer service with Singleview Customer Management.

Complete, Accurate, Timely Information

To deliver excellent support, you need to ensure that the customer experience is streamlined so that the same information is available on all channels. Critically, the information needs to be complete, accurate and timely. This means that it can’t get “lost in translation” from other systems (principally billing), and has to be available in real time, as soon as the customer has engaged with you, whether they’re making a call, downloading an app, or contacting you directly.

Singleview Customer Management is a contact center application delivering a real-time, 360-degree view of customer and service information. Put all the relevant customer information in your representatives’ hands, helping them provide the best service possible and maximize sales opportunities. With centralized customer data, you’ll avoid the technical and business risks (and expense) associated with separate CRM and billing databases. Singleview Customer Management supports order-to-cash processes across all customer activity from prospect management and sales support to post-billing support, issue resolution, and treatment and collections management.

Singleview Customer Management Features

Singleview is architected to protect your business configuration when upgrading. You can take advantage of an upgrade with no change to your day-to-day operations. Your business is dynamic and Singleview can adopt new configurations over time to meet changing needs and strategies.

User Friendly and Efficient

Singleview Customer Management was designed by usability experts and tested by real agents, meaning reduced training time, lower call times, and happier users.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Agent desktops require zero software installation or upgrades, resulting in significantly reduced rollout, administration, and support costs.

Business Process Flexibility

Predefined business processes and cross-channel contact center categorization are included as standard to help speed implementation and ensure a quick return on investment.



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