CSG Singleview Policy Management

Offering new digital services on your network means controlling and orchestrating how your subscribers interact with your asset base. Tailor each experience with CSG Singleview Policy Management.

Boosting Customer Experience With Service Differentiation

Operators worldwide are under pressure to launch new digital services while controlling the costs of network upgrades. The growing demand of media-rich applications and internet services means more users and services to manage than ever.

CSG Singleview Policy Management delivers policy and charging rules in real-time to multiple network, application and service delivery platforms. It makes decisions based on subscriber activity, service proposition, network usage and environmental variables such as time and location. Singleview Policy Management enables operators to launch and manage a wide array of data services by directing network/service gateways and customer interactions according to service policy rules and charges defined by business and network managers.

Singleview Policy Management Features

Singleview Policy Management was designed from the ground up to manage and swiftly integrate into existing ecosystems, including legacy platforms such as IN platforms and pre-LTE network gateways, or next generation systems such as Online Charging Systems (OCS), convergent evolved packet cores (EPC) or selective IP traffic offload nodes.


Singleview Policy Management can be delivered with comprehensive charging, real-time rating and balance management functionality, so service monetization can be realized alongside service plans, packages and policies in a single environment.

Easy to Manage

The solution has an industry-leading user interface that enables business managers to directly manage and change service propositions in a structured, cost-efficient and speedy manner, while offering control to network and IT managers to ensure network integrity.

Extensive CX Capabilities

The solution provides extensive customer dialogue, service self-care and notification capabilities, that not only enables transparency of service changes and charges to subscribers, but also enables subscribers to personalize and top-up their services to a very granular level, including device-specific controls for roaming, immediate notifications, usage monitoring and application control.



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