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CSG Digital Partner Management

Grow Your Partner Network Through Collaboration

It’s time to think beyond the standard definition of partner. Add any third party to your ecosystem to create additional value for your customers (and their customers).

Create compelling services with partners


Support relationships across verticals

Expand your B2B2X partner ecosystem beyond telco with any third party: resellers, IoT and content providers, hyperscalers, edge providers and more.


Seamlessly onboard partners

Turn potential partners into committed collaborators with easy, zero-touch onboarding, catalog ingestion, account management and self care.


Build any B2B2X offer

Dynamically add partner offers to your catalog, and combine self-owned and third-party products into one service bundle.

Manage the entire digital partner lifecycle

Deliver a seamless partner experience, from zero-touch onboarding to settlement and beyond, with a single solution.

  • Reduce overhead expenses by providing self care to allow partners to set up profiles, manage accounts, view documents and exchange information.
  • Collect and preprocess service usage records with pre-integrated mediation capabilities.
  • Share revenue, generate statements and settle for services based on agreed-upon settlement models.
  • Reconcile and manage disputes to recover revenue for all parties involved.

Support every stage of the partner journey

Agree on commercial terms that work for everyone

Maximize revenue from your partner ecosystem with sophisticated monetization and settlement capabilities.

  • Share revenue and settle between one partner or many, and apportion revenue based on the agreements in place.
  • Rate transactions across multiple dimensions, including matrix rates, stepped rates, subscriptions, recurring charges and more.
  • Attract new partners with trial or promotional pricing, and reward them for high usage with volume-based discounts and plans.
  • Guarantee minimum partner revenues per period to keep them happy.
  • Settle based on bulk, transactional or hybrid models.

Scale to support any traffic volumes

Process any transaction volume with a proven settlement solution used by 300 operators worldwide.

  • Support multi-party settlements for unlimited partners with any settlement or billing model (direct billing, cascade billing, refunds, minimum guarantees).
  • Take back control of roaming with integrated BCE roaming settlement functionality.
  • Reduce operational costs with integrations into your existing invoicing, taxation and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
  • Get the best routes at the best price, with automatic suggestions based on cost, quality and capacity parameters.
  • Collect payments faster through prompt, accurate billing and reconciliation of incoming invoices.

Make monetizing roaming easier than global travel

Keep up with growing global traffic and support new 5G and IoT services through a convergent BCE, TAP and interconnect solution.

  • Reduce your reliance on expensive clearinghouses, and gain operational control of your roaming management to reduce costs.
  • Support enhanced charging models for BCE while reducing invoice errors and disputes.
  • Integrate with your existing retail billing, fraud and ERP solutions to get a complete view of transactions, traffic and expenses.
  • Easily analyze the latest roaming data through easy-to-navigate UIs and standard dashboards.
  • Minimize TCO with cloud and managed service deployment options.

Tired of inefficient partner management?

Make digital partner management seamless for every party involved with CSG.