Global Mobile Trends 2023: Navigating an Uncertain World

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Gain valuable insights into the significant developments that will shape the telecom industry in 2023 through the GSMA Intelligence Global Mobile Trends report, sponsored by CSG. This extensive report delves into crucial trends using GSMA Intelligence data, survey findings, and industry dialogues, providing a thorough examination of their impact on the telecom sector and beyond.

The report covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • 5G in 2023
  • The digital consumer in the 5G era
  • Mobile network automation
  • The mobile edge and network slicing
  • API monetization
  • Private wireless networks
  • Satellite and non-terrestrial networks
  • The three Ss
  • The enterprise verticals story
  • ESG and the drive to net zero


To stay well-informed and ahead of industry developments, download the complete report today.