Leading CPG Brand Drives Onboarding Engagement and Lasting Loyalty Using CSG Journey Orchestration

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A major producer of consumer packaged goods (CPG) in the Japanese market needed a better way to onboard their existing customers to a new, lower-risk, electronic line of products. The CPG brand had shifted focus from their legacy, onetime- use product to a new reusable product with replacement cartridges.  

However, as they began to sunset their traditional product offering, they faced a challenge. They had to make customers aware of this change, and to do that they needed a way to reach their existing customers on the channel that their customers preferred. 

Download the case study to learn how the CPG brand: 

  • Used advanced decisioning to determine which channels to send messages on, and when 
  • Created a more engaged and managed onboarding experience unique to Japanese consumers
  • Intelligently orchestrated 14 million interactions each week