Total Experience: Understanding the Emotional Impact of Customer Engagement


In today’s hyper-personalized world every business does their best to understand customers’ needs and preferences. To secure a competitive edge in the marketplace, it’s now necessary to also understand and manage the emotions tied to decisions across the customer journey.

Getting the total customer experience right is key. Check out this video featuring Forrester’s Joana de Quintanilha and CSG’s Mark Smith as they share how leading brands can:

  • Evoke Emotions: Instill confidence, trust, and reliability in the moments of truth by understanding human emotions and the timing of promotions and purchases.
  • Revolutionize Human Capital: Empower your employees to solve complex problems using data and technology to enable a seamless customer journey.
  • Make the Shift: Take a holistic approach to journey design to provide your customers, patients, and employees with the best next step.