Webinar: Thriving in a World of On-Demand Customer Expectations


Thriving in a World of On-Demand Customer Expectations

Session description

Until recently, the driving force for technology decisions has simply been optimizing operations to reduce cost. In this era of digitally empowered consumers, consumer expectations have increased dramatically. Other industries have set a high bar for personalization, convenience, and consistent online and offline experiences that the extended warranty and service contract industry has been slow to adapt to, and struggled to address, let alone exceed.

Join Sean Hicks from New Leaf Service Contracts, Inc. and Jason Kuhn of CSG as they discuss how to align your technology to optimize operations and deliver the loyalty-winning experiences today’s consumers demand.

·       Examine key CX best practices implemented in other industries to help you own the customer

·       Reveal the risks of remaining in an ops-only mindset

·       View your tech stack through the lens of CX – highlighting critical new capabilities to choose future-proof solutions