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Understand and Improve Customer Experiences

Customer feedback management (CFM) software provides valuable information but is not sufficient to deliver an exceptional customer experience (CX). CSG Xponent paired with customer feedback determines what customers need and delivers the seamless, personalized experiences they expect. Xponent makes it easy to put customers front and center.

What customer feedback management systems collect


Customer support

Collect feedback from buyers following any customer service or support interaction. By incorporating brief surveys that follow chat, email or phone conversations you can get a sense of how they feel about your products and their interactions with your team.



Ask customers for their opinions about the sales process and interactions. You can create a quick survey that follows any sales transaction to get customers’ perspectives.

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Gain insight on the value your products or services offer to the market by asking customers what features they prefer. Through focus groups and purchasing trends, you can learn how often buyers choose your products over similar ones from other brands.



Gather statistical information about your customers to learn their attributes, such as location, age range, education level, gender and other personal data. While consumers aren’t telling you directly how they feel, gathering personal information can tell you a lot about how people perceive your brand.


Customer satisfaction

Learn how well your products or services work and how they align with customer needs by including pop-up forms and post-purchase surveys that collect customer satisfaction feedback.


Loyalty metrics

Create a quantitative measure of customer happiness with loyalty metrics, like the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This information tells you how likely customers are to recommend your brand and how willing they are to stick by it.

Relying on customer feedback has limitations

Customer feedback alone doesn’t improve CX.

CFM software cannot measure all interactions with a brand. Surveys typically measure a customer’s thoughts and feelings about one product/service or moment in time. Customers may not feel the same way about other interactions with the business. For example, a customer may be satisfied with their internet provider’s billing process but dissatisfied with the service outage notifications.

CX teams must analyze the situation to detect any underlying problems that may be delaying process improvements, resulting in negative feedback. For example, if someone is “extremely dissatisfied” with a customer service experience but doesn’t explain why, it will take time to figure out what happened. How long did the customer wait on hold before speaking with an agent? How many times was the customer transferred to a different agent?

CX is more than you think

Understand what the customer experienced

Journey analytics help you understand customer needs, desires and expectations—and how to improve CX—by measuring:

  • Customer intent indicators (such as intent to purchase or cancel)
  • Service indicators (such as first call resolution, dropped calls or errors)
  • Traditional marketing indicators (such as page views, email open rates and click through rates).
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Customer journey management improves CX

Journey analytics provide insight into what customers experience,heir sentiment at each touchpoint during the journey and what interactions had the largest impact on customer behavior. To take advantage of all that information to improve CX, you need an intelligent journey management system. A customer journey management system wil:

  • Centralize customer feedback and other data.
  • Use collected data to send the right personalized messages at the right time.
  • Meet customers’ needs and expectations.
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A proven customer engagement leader

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Deliver better experiences

CSG Xponent includes a customer data platform, journey orchestration, journey analytics and real-time decisioning, helping you to go beyond engaging with customer feedback to deliver the best next action via each customer’s preferred engagement channel.

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