Connected Car Monetization

Wherever customers go, they want a connection that goes with them. Offer in-vehicle connectivity for navigation, safety and entertainment services with CSG.

Put Customers In the Driver's Seat

Whether they’re on the road or off the beaten path, customers want an internet connection that travels with them. They need connectivity that’s quick and reliable, and it doesn’t matter if they’re in the driver’s seat or the car is taking the wheel.

Let customers connect anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of their car with CSG. Monetize in-vehicle connectivity, whether it’s Wi-Fi, LTE or eventually 5G. Team up with automobile manufacturers and other partners to offer content, music, navigation and other services. Bill your end customers and partners for the use of your network, and do it all through any monetization model (pay as you go, subscription, and more).

Drive Innovation

We work with global connectivity companies to bill, charge and settle for in-vehicle internet access and services. Rate and charge for consumer end user services in real time. And do it through any monetization model (pay as you go, subscription, quality of service, bundling, etc.). Support multi-tenant business models with CSG’s partner management solutions, whether they’re third-party content providers or value-added resellers.

One Car, Endless Possibilities

Make your connectivity go further with value-added services. Work with partners to offer pay-as-you-go car insurance, roadside assistance, turn-by-turn directions, vehicle diagnostics, and any service you can think of.

Add Value for Customers and Partners

Manage wholesale and retail charges for customers and value-added resellers from a single solution. Let your business partners analyze connected car data to offer more personalized services. You can even resell services through a digital marketplace and offer value-added services directly to the consumer.

Connect Your Entire Fleet

Provide the connectivity fleets need to monitor their vehicles and collect real-time performance data. Send real-time usage limit notifications so drivers know how much voice, text or data they have left. Plus, offer third-party subscriptions to music and content services to reward drivers.


CSG Ascendon IoT

To succeed with IoT, you must be able to manage and monetize an increasingly complex web of business partners and device ecosystems. Ascendon IoT provides a platform to sell and deliver wholesale devices and connectivity, including functionality like network activation, usage rating, and partner settlements.



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