Smart City Monetization

Smart cities need smart connectivity. A way to capture the data generated by highly populated urban areas, and use insights from that data to prepare for future growth. Build your smart city future.

Today's Systems, Tomorrow's Societies

Smart city initiatives are well underway across the globe, with the ultimate goal to improve the lives of citizens. To power each city’s smart services, and support an influx of citizens to urban areas, cities will need more connectivity. Not just to provide data-driven services to citizens, but to analyze citywide data and use it to make better decision.

Start building the smart cities of tomorrow, today, with CSG. Collect and analyze information correlated from billions of daily events, then view and analyze the data from a single platform. Share information with city employees and residents in a variety of ways. Conduct pilots for short- and long-term planning. Integrate with cloud-based provisioning, activation, collection and analysis solutions to build a smart city, and ultimately, smart society.

A Strong Foundation

CSG provides solutions to support smart cities, from field service management to secure transaction management to subscriber management. Collect and correlate data from billions of smart city devices, and manage and monetize the data to earn more revenue.

Smart Data Collection and Distribution

Data is the digital brick-and-mortar of a smart city. Our smart data management solutions help you centralize data collection for any metered device, against any metric. Correlate, validate and enrich data so you’re working with the most accurate information. Then, feed that data into other systems so you can identify and act on areas of opportunity.

Monetizing Smart Devices

Cities are laying down the foundation for the future—and that foundation is a smart city monetization platform. Monetize any service (Wi-Fi, health, traffic, security, and more) for any customer (buisnesses, governments, consumers, and beyond). Our real-time prepaid and postpaid solution supports authorization, balance management and charging for any business model (usage, subscription-based, etc.) from a single platform.

Build Public and Private Partnerships

No city can go it alone. The public sector and the private sector will need to join forces to offer smart city services at scale. CSG helps cities collect, correlate, price, charge and settle with partners in multi-tiered hierarchies. Implement and manage hundreds of millions of IoT devices (think health, home, traffic, energy, security, and more). And gain insight into how your city infrastructure operates and how residents interact with their environment.


CSG Ascendon Wholesale & IoT

To succeed with IoT, you must be able to manage and monetize an increasingly complex web of business partners and device ecosystems. Ascendon Wholesale provides a platform to sell and deliver wholesale devices and connectivity, including functionality like network activation, usage rating, and partner settlements.



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