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Telecom companies need both an operational support system (OSS) and a business support system (BSS)o thrive. An OSS helps you manage your network, while a BSS helps you manage your customers. Together,hey create a double helix of success that can help you increase revenue, improve efficiency and deliver a better customer experience.

What is an operational support system?

An OSS includes several computer programs telecom providers use to analyze, manage and monitor their networks. It includes hardware and software tools like the servers, routers and computers that companies use on the operations side.

An OSS helps telecom companies manage multiple operational activities and functions, including:

  • Network planning
  • Network inventory
  • Fault management
  • Service provisioning
  • Configuration
  • Service assurance


An OSS is essential for telecom companies because it allows them to manage all of their activities and operations from a centralized location. This helps them improve efficiency, reduce costs and deliver a better customer experience.

What is a business support system?

While an OSS focuses on operations, a BSS centers on the business side of things. A BSS includes the software that telecom companies use to manage their customer-facing activities. With a BSS, your company can simplify many of its business activities, such as:

  • Subscription management
  • Customer billing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Customer notifications
  • Revenue management
  • Marketing
  • Customer and partner relationship management

What are the differences between an OSS and a BSS?

While an OSS and a BSS are both important for telecom companies, there are some key differences between the two systems. Both systems work together to increase revenue and efficiency. They differ in these areas:

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An OSS supports infrastructure and network management. A BSS supports customer-facing activities.

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The OSS monitors operations, while the BSS monitors billing, customer experience and revenue.

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An OSS analyzes and controls network connections and parts, such as routers, computers and servers. A BSS keeps companies connected to their customers.

How an OSS and a BSS might work together on a customer order:

  • A customer places an order for a new phone service.
  • The BSS receives the order and creates a new customer account.
  • The BSS sends the order to the OSS, which provisions the new service on the network.
  • The OSS verifies that the new service is working properly.
  • The OSS verifies that the new service is working properly. The BSS sends a confirmation to the customer.

How to maximize BSS returns:

A BSS is essential for telecom companies that want to provide the best possible customer experience. However, it is important to choose the right BSS solution for your needs.

CSG Encompass is an industry-leading BSS solution that can help you maximize your returns and make the most of your network. Our platform can help your company maximize its returns and make the most of its business systems.

CSG Encompass

The benefits of using CSG Encompass

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Launch products quickly

Our BSS includes monetization models and pre-configured models. In short, you can get products up and running so quickly you’ll leave the competition in the dust.


Tap into the latest innovations

We’re always working to keep our platform on the cutting edge of technology. You’ll have access to the latest innovations and the reassurance of using a fully managed platform that abides by industry standards.


Reduce risk

Encompass is a cloud-native software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform created by a company with a proven track record. We’ll be by your side throughout migration and implementation to ensure everything goes as planned.

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CSG Encompass helps you solve problems, create offers and manage billing. Contact us today to learn more about how it works and how to make it part of your OSS/BSS.

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