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CSG Payment Kiosks

So Much More Than
Self-Service Payments

Give customers an easy way to pay their bill in-person. But don’t stop there—integrate your kiosks with customer journey orchestration (CJO) to deliver the next best experience, every time. CJO allows you to extract customer insights to improve the entire customer journey.

Create a connected payments experience


Outfitted for outstanding service

Customize self-service kiosks to handle functions as unique as your organization. They can accept a range of payment types and come equipped with scanners, biometrics, cameras and more.


Upsell on the spot

Draw insights from historical customer data and real-time kiosk behavior to offer personalized upsell and cross-sell recommendations right there at the kiosk.


Support your in-store staff

Store employees stretched thin? Configure your kiosks to support an array of service functions, giving your people more bandwidth for complex tasks that demand a human touch.

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See how seamless we make the payment experience for end customers.

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Why CSG payment kiosks?


Connect to everything

Our software’s open architecture integrates with a variety of back-office billing systems and customer engagement solutions.


Lower your risk with our reliability

Each kiosk unit is PCI-DSS compliant for security and ADA compliant for accessibility.


Scale and go big

Our kiosk software processes over $1 billion in payments annually. We have the infrastructure to deploy however many kiosks you need, with 24/7 technical support.

Create a successful kiosk partnership

Make kiosks more than just a channel. CSG will show you how to transform these in-person touchpoints into pivotal experiences in the customer journey.