Contact and Campaign Management

Want to stay top of mind with your customers? Put campaigns at the top of your priority list. Engage your customers with targeted messages and offers personalized just for them with CSG.

Continuous Engagement

Don’t forget about customers once they sign up—or else they’ll forget about you. You need to continuously engage with customers from sign-up to upgrade and beyond, and promote new products and services personalized to them. Whether you’re targeting one hundred customers or one million, send the right offers to the right customers with CSG’s contact and campaign management solutions.

Set up campaigns for marketing, retention, information, collection, surveying and more. Define objectives, KPIs for the campaign, and who the audience should be, with an unlimited number of ways to categorize contacts and profiles. Campaigns can be recurring (i.e. bill payment reminders on the first of every month) or ad hoc (an email promoting a pay-per-view event). Choose when and how you’ll contact customers, and maximize your response and engagement rates by letting customers choose their preferred channel.

Run Your Campaigns 24/7/365

Use our solutions to create inbound and outbound campaigns and engage your customer base. Users can select the target customers in a campaign, capture and store customer interaction details, generate workflows associated with campaigns, and get status reports on campaign performance. Plus, our solutions are available on-premise or in the cloud, so you can choose which deployment model works best for you.

Make Contact

You can’t run campaigns without customer contact information. Split contacts into commercial or residential groups for targeted marketing and product planning. Access customer data, communication preferences and other profile information in a single location.

Target the Right Audience

Get as specific as you want when targeting your audience (i.e. women ages 25-45 who live in the Northeast who have video and data services). When customers call in about a campaign, a pop-up displays campaign details to agents so they can provide more information. Plus, the system automatically checks sales figures and notifies you if you fall below a certain threshold, so you can optimize your campaign for success.

Analyze and Improve

Report on the status of open, closed or all campaigns over a specified time period. Analyze customer contact and campaign data to identify problem areas, target marketing campaigns, predict customer behavior, and track sales trends. View campaign performance within our solutions or integrate with a business intelligence platform.


CSG Product Configurator

Dynamically create and present sophisticated pricing and bundles for your customers.

CSG Singleview Customer Management

Give your contact centers the direct access and immediate insight they need to provide great customer service.



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