Customer Service Solutions

When agents have the right tools, it's easy to help customers when things go wrong. Help your agents solve customer problems quickly and efficiently with CSG's customer service solutions.

Better Employee Experience, Better Customer Experience

If your agents aren’t using the right tools, they’re bound to get frustrated. Over 20 percent of contact center leaders say the effort associated with using contact center tools (CRM, knowledge, dashboards) has the biggest impact on their agents’ experience. So what can you do to make your agent experiences—and your customer experiences—great? Work with CSG.

Put all the information agents need at their fingertips with our customer service solutions. Let agents access account and billing information from a single interface, so they can find the answers customers need faster and take action. Decrease average handle time by routing issues and tasks to the next available agent. Agents can classify issues based on the type of customer concern, the reason why customers are reaching out, and more for better reporting and analysis.

CSG, At Your Service

More than 120,000 customer service representatives use CSG’s customer service solutions to solve customer problems. Agents can create new cases, add issues to a case, and assign actions to follow up and resolve issues in the fewest amount of clicks possible. We offer issue classifications out of the box (i.e. Inquiry > Contract Details > Confirm Contract Length) that let agents quickly categorize and resolve issues. Our customer service solutions are available as software or as a web-based tool, so you can choose the deployment model that works best for you.

Improve the Agent Experience

Make it easy for agents to find the information they need, when they need it. Let agents customize their home page and set up their own dashboard of information, with customized searches, frequent searches, and other features including graphs and trends. Our intuitive user interface is easy to learn, so you can reduce training and upskilling time (and costs).

Work More Efficiently

When a customer contacts you, our system automatically creates a new case, eliminating the effort needed to set it up. Group issues within a case and assign actions required to solve an issue. Supervisors can assign tasks and actions to work queues instead of individual agents, so agents can start working on customer issues as soon as they’re available.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Communicate with other agents, managers or external customers from a single user interface. Send notifications when an action is assigned, resassigned, completed, or ready to be worked on. Agents can see pop-up messages when there’s an action overdue, or send customers an email, SMS or other preferred communication to let them know an issue has been resolved.


CSG Ascendon

Ascendon is a software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud-based platform that enables providers to launch new digital services in 90 days or less and quickly participate in the federated digital economy.

CSG Singleview

Over 70 leading wireline, wireless, IP carriers, and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) rely on CSG Singleview to deliver real-time charging and postpaid billing.

CSG Advanced Convergent Platform

ACP is the market leader in North American cable and DBS processing, providing a reliable, outsourced, fully functional, customer care and billing platform with the ability to support video, data, wireless, home security and voice services on a single account.



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