Convergent Mediation

When you're supporting billions of device connections and data, you need to make sure your mediation solutions are in sync. Merge all mediation functions onto a single strategic platform with CSG.

Mediation Works Better Together

Regulators across the globe are licensing spectrum for 5G, and operators are quickly launching innovative new services, like VoLTE and IoT services, for even more connected devices. You need to make sure there’s a two-way flow of data between your network and your BSS so you can update subscriber services and account balances in real time. But you can’t afford the potential lag time and risk associated with keeping your online and offline mediation separate.

Consolidate all mediation functions onto a single strategic platform with CSG. Collect data from any event or service type. Simultaneously process data in real time for prepaid and IoT services, and offload charging data for postpaid services for when there’s less demand on the network. Support mediation for fixed mobile and broadband across all mediation functions (offline, online, network), and for all deployment approaches (on-premise, in the cloud, as licensed software, or as a fully-managed service). Our solution elastically scales to support any data traffic peaks, and automatically scales down so you only pay for what you use.

Preparing Your Network for What Comes Next

CSG is the world’s leading provider of multi-service, convergent mediation technology, with many operators relying on CSG to collect and process usage information from their networks. We consolidate and replace their multiple legacy mediation systems to support the latest network technologies, like NFV and 5G, in parallel with existing circuit-switched services.

Enable the Launch of New Services

With rapid implementation times, flexible deployment options including as a service or in the cloud, monetize next generation networks and services like VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling and SIP trunking. Integrate with IMS and 5G networks to bill for trials and enable fast commercial launches. Get up and running independently of existing legacy infrastructure and systems to reduce time to market.

Reduce Complexity

Why use two separate solutions to collect and process data on your network? Manage both offline and online mediation with our convergent mediation solution, avoiding unnecessary duplication of functions and systems. Plus, we’ve virtualized our network functions so you can deploy our solution across multiple operating countries without having to stand up separate instances.

Handle Traffic at Scale

With hundreds of global installations, we have one of the most trusted and robust mediation solutions in the world. Today, our largest customer processes over 178 billion records a day at single site alone. We can also process over 100,000 transactions per second with our online mediation functionality, and we offer mediation in the cloud so we can scale to support any volume immediately.


CSG Total Service Mediation

CSG Total Service Mediation is a cost-effective activation and mediation solution. Activate services and mediate any kind of event delivery interaction.



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