Data Mediation

Every company collects data, but it's not enough to collect it. You have to be able to process it, analyze it, and glean insights to run your business better. Get the most out of your data with CSG.

Manage and Monetize Data

You’re already collecting data across your company—customer data, network usage data, billing data, and more. But with data stored in different places, and billions more records to be processed from IoT and 5G, adding more staff to handle the complexity won’t cut it. You need a way to collect raw data from back-office systems and your networks. And analyze all the data in one place so you have a complete view of how your network is running—and how to make it better.

Collect and aggregate data from any network interface or source, and do it all at scale, with CSG’s data mediation solutions. Enrich your existing network data with data from other sources (geolocation servers, log files, signaling systems, wholesale systems) so you have the most accurate view of your business. Apply those insights to marketing, network operations, customer retention and legal compliance. Our mediation analytics help companies capture and convert their network and subscriber usage data into actionable business intelligence, and visualize their data.

Data Collection and Processing at Scale

CSG’s largest OSS mediation customer processes over 178 billion records a day at single site. We support more than 100,000 transactions per second, and process transactions in real time and in batch. Our network mediation and optimization solutions are used for actionable alerts and insights. Deploy our solutions on-premise or in the cloud, so you can quickly launch while managing risk and costs.

Data Orchestration

Deploy a common resource data collection layer to manage all your network data in one place. Normalize, prioritize and measure both network and security events on a massive scale from a single user console. In the security domain, process real-time events from security functions and network devices, such as routers, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention devices, load balancers, packet inspection devices, SIEM, VPN Host and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection servers.

Data Insights

Don’t wait weeks for large data warehouse platforms to correlate and query data. Collect, transform and visualize data from any source in real time with CSG’s data insights solution. Ingest data from any source such as OSS/BSS systems, network devices, IP probes, log files, messaging/VAS platforms and social media platforms. Get real-time insights through intuitive visuals and dashboards covering traffic analysis, real-time traffic detection, network optimization, and more.

Network Mediation

Collect network data from any site and source to get better insights into network performance, quality of service, and customer churn. Acquire and process billions of events per day from any network data source. Monitor and control network data collection across multiple sites. Request, consume and acknowledge receipt of network data in real time and in batch from the same platform. And exchange messages with network equipment and other servers for real-time data collection.


CSG Total Service Mediation

The confluence of multiple network types to manage simultaneously, explosive growth of device availability (personal and IoT), diversity of applications and complexity of services/bundles are driving the need for a robust, highly available mediation and service activation platform.



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