Service Activation

Signing up subscribers for a new service is just the starting point. You need to activate the right services for the right subscribers. Automatically activate any service on any network with CSG.

Instantly Activate New Services

Providing a customer with the product or service they ordered is one of simplest but most important things your company can do. But with the growth of 5G and IoT, everything just got a little more complicated. You need to be able to activate new network elements to turn on new services, and work with partners to activate different functionalities. Plus, you need to synchronize subscriber profiles across new device platforms for a seamless user experience​.

Automatically activate any service on any network for any subscriber with CSG’s activation solution. Link subscribers and services through a multi-service activation platform. And control which parts of your network and content assets subscribers can access based on their plan. Build complex service bundles like IPTV and IMS with our workflow graphical user interface. Then break them down into manageable network tasks that speed up your time to market.

Activate Any Service

We offer a broad portfolio of activation, event management, workflow and notification capabilities that can be rapidly, accurately, and cost‐effectively delivered in any environment. Activate services for fixed, mobile and cable/satellite, over both circuit-switched and next-generation packed-switched networks. The highly scalable architecture supports integration with multiple types of external systems, and comes pre-integrated with all of CSG’s solutions for easy setup. Plus, the solutions are available on-premise or in the cloud, so you can find your perfect balance of speed, scale and security.

Convergent Service Activation

Activate services in near-real time on any network, at scale. We handle over 20 million activation requests per day at a single production site. Plus, we have a large library of supported devices and protocols​ so you can get up and running quickly. Break down incoming activation requests based on configurable business rules​, and build your own workflows to set up or change subscriber profiles on network devices​. If any activation fails, you have a real-time view of failure conditions and statuses so you can quickly address the problem.

Event & Customer Interaction Management

Create and manage business rules for the entire communication process with your customers. Trigger multi-channel notifications (i.e. SMS/email) once you activate a service. Track responses from customers with our customer communication system. Our activation solution automates both complex, large scale interactions as well as one-to-one communications.

Service Order Workflow Management

Build new workflows using a series of pre-set operations to quickly activate new services. Our activation workflows contain the steps and logic required to turn a request into action and provide a new service on the correct device. Sends requests to external partners or other activation servers​ to turn on new services, and communicate with other systems to execute tasks.


CSG Interactiviate

Service activation can no longer be a tangle of manual processes, multiple legacy systems and paperwork orders. Bridge the divide between old and new networks, service offerings, business initiatives and subscriber needs with CSG Interactivate

CSG Total Service Mediation

The confluence of multiple network types to manage simultaneously, explosive growth of device availability (personal and IoT), diversity of applications and complexity of services/bundles are driving the need for a robust, highly available mediation and service activation platform—CSG Total Service Mediation.



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