Policy Control and Network Messaging

Learn how we will deliver an end-to-end solution for monetization and policy control, supporting converged voice/data/messaging services across 4G and 5G networks.

Powering the 5G Future

Real-time, dynamic policy control is essential in order to fully monetize emerging 5G core use cases such as network slicing.  It is a key enabler of the intelligent management of data transaction quality, priority and user preference while supporting use cases ranging from enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) and IoT to ultra reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) services such as manufacturing and mission-critical healthcare services.


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5G Ready

Converged policy control enabling 4G and 5G dynamic digital services including key use cases such as VoNR, slicing, AR/VR, gaming, critical healthcare and much more.

Network-Vendor Agnostic

Free yourself from the restrictions of proprietary network vendor solutions. Seamlessly integrate business support systems and network components irrespective of vendor or type – for any network and service.​

Rapid Monetization

Pre-integrated solutions for rapid monetization, available on-premises or hosted.

Policy Control


Effective policy control anticipates the customer journey, integrating real-time charging, self-care, payment methods and notification strategies. Operators can then engage the customer in experiences relevant to when and where they are to deliver the ultimate personalized subscriber experience.

CSG Policy Control

Manage policies for converged voice/data/messaging services across 3G, 4G and 5G networks. Manage subscriptions, data plan creation, campaigns and on-device self-care to monetize the customer journey.

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CSG Retail Roaming Management

Drive lucrative roaming revenues by combining policy control, plan creation, real-time promotions and on-device self-care to engage and monetize every aspect of the subscriber roaming experience.

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CSG Real-time Promotions

Create and manage engaging campaigns to highly targeted subscriber segments using multiple delivery channels. Trigger real-time promotions, from “Welcome” messages to silent roamer targeting to optimal cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Integrate with business systems and analytic engines to monetize subscriber trends, usage patterns and behaviors to create insightful automated campaigns.

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Service Control Point (SCP)

CSG offers a full-service control point solution (SCP) for voice call control, including real-time authorization for all domestic and roaming services. Enhance customer experiences with real-time interactions like balance thresholds notifications and integrated upsell solutions.

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Network Messaging



Our virtualized messaging platform is the most efficient, most scalable messaging platform on the market, enabling the fast introduction of new revenue-generating messaging services like real-time promotions and personalized services.

SMS continues to be an essential channel for driving revenues and improving subscriber loyalty. It remains the only messaging service that is accessible on all devices across the world.

CSG SMS Platform

As operators roll out their 5G networks, they require SMS solutions to dynamically support message delivery across network types and verticals, including subscriber, enterprise and IoT. In addition, SMS solutions must meet 5G-specific requirements, including dynamic scaling, to support network slicing and predicted massive IoT traffic volumes.

The CSG SMS Platform enables operators to quickly future-proof their messaging services, features and capacity with minimum impact on their existing infrastructure. The solution ensures operators can continue to provide this essential service across 4G and 5G networks while reducing costs and maximizing efficiencies.

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CSG USSD Gateway

USSD is the ideal service delivery channel for interactive, subscriber-centric services such as account inquiries, self-care, service activation, purchase and other value-added services. Our USSD gateway uses configuration-based tooling interfaces to build new services, with new out-of-the-box messaging to support voice and data services, including balance and end-of-call notifications.

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