Customer Journey Management

A great customer engagement isn't just one experience. It's a relationship built on consistent interactions. Build customer loyalty and retention with personalized, relevant customer journeys with CSG

Map a Clear Path for Your Customers

You want to help customers find the easiest path to get the service they want. Each email, text, printed bill, and in-store purchase must help them take action and provide a personal touch. But too often touchpoints aren’t connected and the customer journey gets off track. You’ve created a disjointed experience that causes friction in your relationship. You need a better way to connect every step in the customer journey. To bridge all your communication silos and make data-driven decisions.

Link every interaction into a seamless customer experience with CSG’s journey orchestration solution. We use proprietary logic and insights to determine what message to send to the customer at the right timeall so they get the best experience. Plus, we integrate with new and existing technology, and work well with other communication solutions. Use our channels or bring your ownit’s up to you. We’ll help you connect all your channels to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Design the Entire Experience

CSG works with you to align each interaction into a seamless customer journey. Real-time data collection on customer action (or inaction) determines what the next communication should be. We use custom logic to determine the exact time to send the customer a message, and what channel to send it on to get a response.

Make the Best Experiences Even Better

Customers shouldn’t even know they’re on a journeyit should be seamless and friction-free. Use all the data you have at your disposal to personalize interactions and provide the right information to move customers from one stage to the next.

Get Rid of Silos

Different departments own different channels, but everyone owns the customer journey. We help you pull all the customer data into one place to make decisions on the next-best actions. Connect channels and data to deliver the right messages. And fill in any touchpoint gaps so your customers have a seamless experience.

Test and Improve

You can build your own journey orchestration workflow with our intuitive drag-and-drop design tool, or let our experts optimize them for you. Once your journeys go live, watch and learn from the results with real-time journey metrics and analytics.


CSG Journey Orchestration

Consumers expect seamless experiences across all touchpoints with brands they do business with. Orchestrate conversations that are consistent and relevant to the customer’s journey with CSG.



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