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Enabling CSPs to Go Beyond in the Digital Era

15th November 2023 | 15:00 CEST

Raffles Europejski Warsaw, Poland

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Welcome & Introductions

Hear how CSG is investing in hyper-scalable monetization solutions to help CSPs s쳮d in the digital era.

Richard Ullenius, VP Customer Centricity, CSG


B2B2X: New growth opportunities for telcos

Solving consumers’ and businesses’ pain points today depends on bringing together technologies and services spread across a wide range of industry players. Telcos can achieve that by leveraging their strong relationships with consumers, enterprise, and governments. As a result, they can deliver greater convenience, productivity, and quality of service to their enterprise customers. And this in turn can re-ignite revenue growth for telcos.

Join me for this exclusive CSG seminar during which I will lay out the industry challenge and highlight some of the areas from which to capture the opportunity.

Jesko Bartelt, Principal Consultant at STL Partners


Digital Marketplace Dynamics

CSPs are expected to drive more than half their revenue from business relationships as they expand into B2B ecosystems. As partners, CSP users and customers engage with each other in collaborative environments, it’s critical that CSPs improve the multi-sided experiences within their ecosystem. Discover the four areas that will make or break success in B2B—agility, focusing on business outcomes, embracing dynamic ecosystems and experiences, and trust.

Ryan Horsfield, Global Leader Customer Solutions Consulting, CSG


Making Ordinary Customer Experiences Extraordinary

In today’s hyper-connected world, great customer experience is at the heart of every company’s strategy. To address customers’ needs, companies are reorganising teams behind business outcomes rather than org charts. Empowering the enterprise to deliver great, seamless experiences is not for the faint-hearted, but you can kickstart the cultural revolution inside your organisation. Uncover the Why, What, and How behind impactful customer and employee experiences.

Mathieu Acin-Tallier, Vice President Sales, CSG


AWS- Enabling Telco to TechCo Transformation

Telecom firms are adapting to a shrinking market by exploring new opportunities in various sectors and small businesses, as well as embracing 5G transformation. Their success in this shift depends on creating intricate products that merge traditional telecom services with new, designed to deliver extra value like home security and cybersecurity assessments. A skilled workforce, inventive business models, and differentiation from rivals play an essential role. Adaptation and rapid experiments are vital in navigating this unfamiliar terrain. To manage the complexity efficiently, partnering, process automation, and utilizing AWS Cloud services and modern software design are recommended. This transformation signifies a substantial move from traditional telecom companies to tech-focused enterprises.

Antonello Arpino, Head Of Operations Simplified Solution Area, GMTS Telco, AWS


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