Survey Says: If Content is King, Customer Experience Management is the Power Behind the Throne

CSG recently commissioned a survey to explore consumer use of streaming video services and the impact that all of this streaming has on Pay TV services. After all, news about streaming video viewership is inescapable, leaving us with the unshakable impression that we all do nothing but click and watch, and we wondered, how much of that perception is true?


We know that consumers are streaming video at an ever-increasing rate, and on more devices – across their television sets, computers, smart phones and tablets. And with each passing day, there are expanding choices for their viewing pleasure. For the most part, the content itself is preeminent, with established players and newcomers to the market dabbling in the packaging and windowing of it, from Netflix dropping an entire season of an original series at once (to the delight of the binge-watchers) to CBS All Access releasing new episodes of their Star Trek series on the more traditional weekly basis, testing whether subscribers will be as sticky with this model.


So, we worked with TDG Research to develop a survey, Going with the Flow: How to Captivate Video Streamers, specifically to determine:

  • How do we as consumers value streaming?
  • Does streaming change the way we feel about traditional television offerings?
  • What are our concerns and expectations for managing the expanding catalog of video content from this growing stable of providers?

For this study, we surveyed adult video streamers from across the United States to establish the rate at which viewers are streaming video, and paying for it, and on what devices.


How much streaming?

The TV is the preferred device for streaming; the survey findings illustrate how this is the case and suggest the reasons for it. The youngest demographic groups surveyed spend the majority of their TV watching time streaming video on demand rather than watching live broadcast television, and we explore why this might be so.

What kind of television viewer are you? Take our brief quiz to find out who you watch TV like from a cast of characters you’ll be sure to recognize, and see how your results compare to our survey results.


What about traditional TV services?

Our survey measured the impacts of streaming activity on the streamer’s perceived value of traditional TV services, and service providers take note! We have learned that more than 20% of consumers have intentions to switch, downgrade or disconnect Pay TV subscriptions in 2016.


Streamers Want Better Subscription Management

Having measured baseline viewership and value opinions, the CSG survey explored what attributes might create an exceptional streaming experience. Because there is a marked trend to subscribe to more than one streaming service, subscribers greatly value subscription management “features” that facilitate finding and paying for these services through a single platform.


Overall, what we learned from the survey results is that Pay TV service providers shouldn’t withdraw from the game. They have an opportunity to delight streamers through increased partnerships and constructing a consolidated subscriber portal for searching, content management and billing across each personalized bundle of video content.


For more about what consumers had to say about their use of streaming services and the impact to Pay TV, we welcome you to review an executive summary or full report of the findings of the Going with the Flow: How to Captivate Video Streamers survey.

Survey Says: If Content is King, Customer Experience Management is the Power Behind the Throne

Survey Says: If Content is King, Customer Experience Management is the Power Behind the Throne

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