Top Tech Talent Want Flexibility and Growth Opportunities

Over the last decade, tech culture has developed a certain reputation within the office setting—people regularly assume every start up has a nap pod or kegerator. While these aren’t uncommon, they aren’t nearly as powerful as you might think when it comes to attracting the best of the best to your businesses. In fact, a 2017 study found that 86 percent of adults who work in an office feel that fun features are of no specific value to their working life. There’s a disconnect between what truly defines a culture and what is simply a flashy gimmick. In my experience, I have found that employee wellbeing is best served by fully embracing flexibility and striving continuously to build and offer a robust program of growth and learning opportunities.


People Are Hungry For Work-life Balance

According to a recent report on 2018 hiring trends, 44 percent of professionals stated what has kept them at their company for more than five years is strong workplace benefits—specifically, PTO, parental leave and an emphasis on work-life balance. The rise of mobile technology has been both a boon and a challenge for today’s employees, as many struggle with balancing the ability to work anywhere at any time with an “always-on” culture.

It’s important for companies and employees to partner closely in order to set the tone. Be open and communicative with staff so they feel that they can take ownership of how they work without feeling like they need to be responsive 24/7. Offering flexibility shows that as an organization, you value the work your employees deliver, and trust that your employees will be able to deliver the same (or even stronger) results by granting them the ability to spend time with their family, friends—and improve their quality of life outside of the workplace. To best serve its employees, CSG has invested in offering the same level of benefits as large, market-leading organizations, including unlimited vacation time and progressive family leave policies to help our employees maintain a healthy work life balance.


People Are Always Learning

 Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence are transforming and disrupting all industries (and roles) within organizations. In fact, a recent report from the United Nations Education Commission noted that up to half of the world’s jobs (approximately two billion) are at high risk of disappearing due to automation. This is sparking the need for the workforce to upskill and reskill through professional development programs.

Given the ever-changing workplace landscape, organizations need to provide the resources and training programs that empower their employees to learn and apply new skillsets to their work and role. People would much rather see their company focusing on benefits like learning and development programs, as well as philanthropic opportunities than on perks like free food and game rooms.


People Want Benefits to Support Them Holistically

Although unlimited snacks and games may seem appealing, their impact in driving employee engagement and retention is largely surface level. In an era where the line between personal and professional lives are blurring, companies need to prioritize benefits that support employees in more meaningful ways. Making long-term investments in employees generates a sense of trust, loyalty and commitment to an organization, its management and mission. This type of work environment fosters happier, healthier and more motivated employees.

Christine Mellon

Christine Mellon

Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

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